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Dog Fence Wire Boundary Cable – DIY – GREY – 300m w/ Flags


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Feature Summary:300 meters.75mm Copper Core, Pure Polyethylene jacket

Hidden Fence brand has specifically designed dog fence boundary cable for toughness, accuracy and longevity. Our cable is manufactured in the USA. The Copper core is .75mm multi-strand, protected by a UV protected, pure .30mm polyethylene coating.

This cable can be used with any “branded” and “compliant” electric dog fence.


Non-regulated versions sold on eBay and Gumtree will not work properly, as those transmitters may overheat. Non- regulated dog fence systems from china use a blue colored, mild steel .15mm telecommunication cable used in landline phones. This type of cable is not industry standard.

Hidden Fence boundary cable is the best and strongest in the industry. Simply the best…no getting around it!

  • .75mm Copper Core
  • multi- Strand
  • 3 mm Polyethlyene Coating
  • UV Protected
  • 300m spool
  • 2 training flag bundles



Length:                 300m

Type:                     Stranded

Copper:               .75mm

Outer Diameter: 3mm

Coating:                 Polyethylene

UV Protection:     Yes

WaterProof:         Yes

PVC:                         No

UV Guarantee:      Yes

Colour:                   Grey



This cable can be used underground, or on a fence line.

The UV Protection rating will ensure it will last in the

hot Australian sun, without breaking down.


Customers will typically buy this cable when replacing cable from other brands

that break down in the sun.



A comparison details the difference between two other popular wire options for electric dog fences.

As shown above, the size difference between cheap blue dog fence wire, and the common yellow cable is evident.

Hidden Fence sources all of our cable from a manufacturer in the USA, and is 100% made in USA.

It’s the best dog fence wire available in Australia without any comparison!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 27 cm
Design Yourself

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  • Build from scratch!
  • Choose your System
  • Measure the wire you need
  • Choose your Collar
  • 3-Year or 5-year warranty

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