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The Bark Collar

The Bark Collar
The Bark Collar The Bark Collar The Bark Collar The Bark Collar

Stop your dogs nuisance barking; Subtle or pronounced! The BarkCollar has it all!!!

Finally… a quality, one-size-fits-all, 5-Star barking collar!

Feature summary: Rechargeable, Bark Counter, vibration and e-stimulation, waterproof and more… The “barkCollar” manufactured by Dogwatch, is a “state of the art” bark collar for your dog. As with all DogWatch brand products, the quailty and worksmanship on this little wonder is second to none. This bark collar was designed by a team of experts from various parts of the industry, including Australia. The idea was to provide a training tool that could be used on every type of breed and deliver any form of stimulation influence, depending on the application and barking habit. This bark collar can be programmed to deliver a vibration, or e-stimulation depending on what is necessary to minimise the barking. There is even a “bark counter” which will help you determine the correct level to soften the dogs barking.

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 15 Levels within 5 settings!
  • Bark CounterTM
  • Vibration or e-Stimulation
  • Progressive or User set levels
  • LED Status
  • 1-Year warranty

Product Includes

  • Rechargeable Bark Collar Unit
  • Collar Strap
  • 2 sets of Contact Posts  (GentleFit Conacts will fit as well...see store)
  • Australian AC Charger
  • Instruction Manual
Product Code: DIY-barkcollar
Availability: In Stock
Price: $187.00

Bark Collar Performance Settings:
'O' - Off

'V' - Vibration Only - Progressive vibration that automatically increases with each bark.  Once the dog is quiet for 3 minutes, the collar returns to the lowest intensity. Due to it's ability to "simply Vibrate" like a phone pager, this can have significant "interrupter" advantages, even over the electrical stimulation!

'1-5' - User selected stimulation settings ranging from the lowest intesity '1', to the highgest intesity '5'. Each setting has 3 automatically increasing levels that will reset to the lowest intensity after 3 minutes of silence.  

'P' - Progressive mode that begins by automatically progressing through vibration levels and then on to static stimulation if the dog continues to bark.  After 3 minutes of silence, the BarkCollar will reset to the lowest vibration setting. 

The Bark Counter:
The Bark Counter will indicate how many times the collar has activated since it was last turned off.  When turning off the unit, keep an eye on the LED Status Light on the top of the unit.  

2 Flashes -  1 - 5 Activations 
3 Flashes -  6-10 Activations
4 Flashes -  11-15 Activations
5 Flashes  - 15+ Activations

If the collar flashes more than 2 or 3 times, check fitting and increase the stimulation setting one level at a time.

The Bark Counter is a big TRAINING FEATURE!  Try the lowest level first. Fit on the dog, then on returning from work, chores, etc...shut the collar off and check the Bark Counter. If the LED has indicated that the dog has indeed barked a lot while gone, set to the next setting. If the next setting displays a large decline in barking activity...leave on that setting and monitor the performance of the collar and behaviour.

This is the safest way to use a Bark Collar to stop your pet from excessive barking behaviour.



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1. 30-Day RETURN. Dogwatch carries a 30-Day return policy. Customer may return products in original packaging and receive FULL purchase price (less shipping and handling) as long as products have not been used on an animal. Customer can receive partial purchase price depending on what has been used.


All DogWatch products, except batteries, which can prove defective by reason of improper workmanship and or material for the period of time specified below. ALL on-site warranty service is subject to a reasonable service charge.

All warranties granted in this document are for the sole use of the purchaser and are not transferable.

The unit or installation must not have been previously altered, repaired, tampered with or serviced by other than HF or DogWatch authorised facility. The product must not have been subject to accident, misuse, abuse or operated contrary to the instructions given by HF.

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