About Us

Meet the Hidden Fence Team

Hidden Fence is a team of dedicated pet lovers who keep your pet safe in your yard and out of harms way. Hidden Fence offers Complete Installation and Training services for the DogWatch Hidden Fence containment system. Hidden Fence Co. has the benefit of its employee’s years of “on-site”, hands on experience with all aspects of electronic dog containment systems and training.

Hidden Fence is part of the DogWatch dealership network of 280 dealers worldwide. The DogWatch dog fence product has saved and protected over 1 million dogs and cats from escaping or injury.

Hidden Fence is a growing dealer network in Australia and New Zealand. Customers can rest easy knowing there is a local representative that can install and service their DogWatch dog fence system in: Brisbane, Sydney, Central Coast and NewCastle, Melbourne, Tasmania and other regions. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, click here.

2015 Biannual Dealer Meeting

Industry Experience

vance-plummerHidden Fence systems have kept millions of pets safe at home since they were created in America by Invisible Fence® in 1973. Hidden fence benefits from having Vance Plummer as its Field rep. Vance’s 33 years experience with the electric dog fence and containment industry in America,  ensures positive results. Specific installation techniques and training protocols for dog containment fence systems, along with  working with top industry trainers and behaviourists has been the cornerstone to the success of Hidden Fence.

“Electronic dog containment systems are a fantastic way to contain your dog or cat.  The key to success is a comprehensive install, in which details have not been sacrificed or overlooked.  Most importantly is the training.  Training is 70% of the reason why your pet will stay home. Many customers have tried to purchase DIY kits and have failed to make them work, or they buy cheap systems of on-line auction sites, which break within a week. We guarantee the success of your system which will provide years of trouble free pet ownership.”

– Vance Plummer

Customer Service

hidden-fence-supportHidden Fence Co. will provide exceptional customer service to all our clients, so your experience with us will be positive. We are available on our toll free number at 1800 223 364, anytime between 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Hidden Fence has the most experience keeping dogs and cats from escaping than anyone in Australia. Our combination of technology and training has dominated the electronic pet containment industry in success rate.


When you contact the Hidden Fence you are contacting local people that can give you on-site service and support. Hidden Fence only carry the Dogwatch Invisible dog fence product. This one brand can contain any breed of dog. No matter how small or large, any dog can stay contained using this brand dog fence. Hidden fence will visit you on-site, meet you and your pet, and help you determine which solution is best for your situation.

Electronic Dog Fence and Training Products

List of Genuine DogWatch ® Hidden Fence Products imported and exclusively licensed under Hidden Fence brand:

  • DogWatch ® Smart Fence Dog Fence Containment System
  • DogWatch ® Pro Fence PT4 Dog Fence Containment System
  • DogWatch ® 1200 FMD DIY Dog Fence Containment System
  • DogWatch ® Groundskeeper Dog Fence Containment System
  • DogWatch ® R9 Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • DogWatch ® R12 Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • DogWatch ® M7 Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • DogWatch ® M12 Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • DogWatch ® SF Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • DogWatch ® IB200 Wireless dog Fence
  • DogWatch ®6 volt Battery for Hidden Fence dog collars
  • DogWatch ® IB200 Wireless dog Fence
  • DogWatch ® IB100 Wireless dog Fence Rechargeable
  • DogWatch ® PowerPak Battery back up
  • DogWatch ® IB200 Wireless dog Fence
  • DogWatch ® BT7 Bark Collar
  • DogWatch ® BT5 Mini Bark Collar
  • DogWatch ® Big Leash S-15 remote dog training collar
  • DogWatch ® Big Leash V-10 Vibration Remote dog training Collar
  • DogWatch ® SideWalker Walking Training
  • DogWatch ® Gentle Fit Contacts for Dog Fence receivers