Training Collars

Dog Training Collars for the Professional dog trainer…and the everyday dog owner!   Genuine DogWatch® Dog Training products.


No-Bark Trainer

The Bark Collar effectively trains your dog that there are limits to barking. Quickly & gently reduces and eliminates excessive barking behaviour.

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Remote Trainer

Big Leash Remote Trainers allow you to communicate with your dog, so you can have more fun together. Helps you reinforce training commands and change unwanted behaviour.

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Walking Trainer

The SideWalker dog walking collar creates a more enjoyable walking experience for you and your dog. Gently corrects overly enthusiastic leash pulling and helps your dog learn appropriate on-leash behaviour.

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Training Collar Quick Video

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DogWatch® Dog Training products are professional grade dog training collars that are engineered in Australia and the United States, and are assembled in the United States…and used Globally. Dog Trainers here and around the world use these products to help curb various behaviours.

The BigLeash remote dog training collars can assist in extinguishing various behaviours that are undesirable and causing a “relationship barrier” with you and your dog.

The Bark Collar TM minimises barking that may be causing issues with neighbours…but still allows your dog be “a dog”!

The SideWalker TM Dog Walking Trainer gets rid of the need to use a haltie, harness or any other dog walking training aid by focusing on core issues with your dogs pulling problems while walking. The walking training is one of our biggest sellers, and one that we receive enormous positive feedback!

Remote Training Collars for Dogs

Remote dog training collars have assisted dog trainers and novice trainers achieve great results in maximising extinguishing behaviours. Remote training collars have a long history in certain dog training arenas.

The Big Leash dog training collar is a “state of the art” e-collar with exclusive features not offered by any other brand. Our dog training collar has new transceiver technology, which allows the remote trainer user to indicate their dogs whereabouts within 800 metres.


Big Leash Remote Trainers offer a new, effective way to practice your operant conditioning methods. Our Remote Dog Training Collars have precise timing and safe features ensuring positive results. Good training is an important part of helping you and your canine companion live together in peace and harmony. And, more importantly, good training helps keep your pet safe. Read more inside about the safe guards when using a remote dog collar, and view recommended dog trainers and behaviourists in your areas.

When it’s time for dog training, do yourself and your pet a favour – learn more about electronic dog collars. Electric dog collars have been used safely and effectively as a behavioural training tool for more than forty years. In fact, studies show that electric training collars are more effective and less stressful than other types of training collars or methods.

Bark Training Collars for Dogs

Dogs are going to bark. It’s a natural function for them to warn, identify and acknowledge that something has changed or entered its area. Other factors can provoke a dog to bark. Play, frustration…many things. Overall it’s not a crime; but to various councils, neighbours, and society in general has little tolerance to a barking dog, especially if it’s considered nuisance barking.

Bark collars are not a new product. Many manufacturers have been producing anti bark collars for decades. The technology of the bark collar is it activates based on the dogs barking habits. Issues a stimulation to the dog and intends to soften the barking habit.

This is all good in theory, but bark collars also can have a checkered reputation. Cheap bark collars on online auction sites are a large contributor to the negative reputation. Very few, if any, would pass the safety standards by the ECMA or the BMCA. This is a issue considering there are some goods ones out there, that many would classify as the same, due to shape and overall perception.

The Dogwatch ® Bark Collar is a special design.

Dogwatch had the best engineers in the industry code and construct this bark collar. The subtleties of this collar make it the safest and most effective in the bark collar industry. It has special software that allows the dog a few barks before it can activate the electrical stimulation. The electrical stimulation (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – TENS, is a non injurious stimulation which only activates the nocieptors in the skin. Read more) The stimulation can be set to such a low kV level (.25 kV) that the dog barely feels it, however acknowledges the stimulation as the duration is specifically set to work on the dogs cognitive processing.

Once the dog is showing signs of recognition, then the owner can tailor the bark collar to begin training the dog via operant conditioning techniques.

DogWatch ® is quite happy with the product and find that it succeeds where others have failed.