Hidden Fence Dog Fence Wire Cable

Unbeatable Dog Fence Wire

The undisputed leader in Dog Fence system cable in Australia. Guaranteed!

Hidden Fence Dog Fence Wire Cable

The only custom made Dog Fence wire in Australia! Our Hidden Fence Wire can be used anywhere! Bury in the ground…attach to a fence…or on top of the ground! Hidden Fence Dog Fence Wire is the thickest, strongest wire available in Australia…GUARANTEED!

DOG FENCE CABLE WIRE is one of the most important components when using an electronic dog fence system. Hidden Fence pioneered electronic dog fence systems in Australia, and distribute to multiple independent vendors. All of the licensed Hidden Fence distributors use only our custom manufactured Ultradog of DIY grey Hidden fence wire cable, as it’s the only cable that can guarantee it’s made for electronic invisible fence systems, and not just irrigation cable!

Hidden Fence brand dog fence cable is manufactured in the USA, by the leader in dog containment fence wire in the world!

On a fence, on top of the ground, or buried!

Our wire is the toughest and strongest dog fence cable offered in Australia. UV protected and pure HDPE Polyethylene to the multi-strand copper core, no other dog fence wire product can match it…GUARANTEED!

Our dog fence DIY Grey cable out performs all competitive DIY dog fence cable on the market! The thickness and quality is clearly visible. We guarantee our dog fence cable to be superior against all other dog fence wire in Australia.

For all difficult terrain and super large acreage properties needing the “best of the best” dog fence cable available, we offer the UltraDog dog fence cable. No other brand of dog fence available in Australia can match the durability and strength of this premium cable.

What’s the Best Dog Fence Wire Cable choice?

Hidden Fence has more experience in the electronic dog fence industry in Australia than every other group combined.

A critical choice when installing a Invisible dog fence system is the wire cable.


In most applications, the Hidden Fence brand DIY Grey dog fence cable is a perfect choice.

It’s stronger than any other brand, and DOES NOT need to be buried!

It can be attached to an existing fence run in expansion joints in concrete, or stapled to timber!

The medium grey colour is less conspicuous than competitive colours like bright yellow, red or florescent green.

The strength of our DIY grey dog fence cable comes from the pure HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) UV rated protective jacket.

It’s the thickest DIY dog fence wire available.

Measuring at 2.7mm thick…and made out of the same material of a plastic water tank…it’ll last years in direct Australian sun!!


For properties with exceptionally difficult or aggresive landscape…the UltraDog Black!

The Ultradog Black is the thickest and strongest of the our Hidden Fence wire offerings, and is double the thickness of our DIY Grey dog fence wire.

In competitive terms it can be anywhere from 3 times thicker to 10 times thicker!

Especially in comparison to the cheap diy dog fence blue cable, which doesn’t even meet industry standard.

How does Hidden Fence wire compare to other brand dog fence cable?

What’s the BEST Dog Fence Wire Cable on the market in Australia?

There are many dog fence wire choices available on dog fence websites, and search engines. Most invisible fence wire choices are not considered “industry standard”.

Most dog fence wire available in Australia is simply just irrigation cable used for home irrigation applications, and all have a polypropylene outer coating. Good for being buried in the ground, but not ideal when attached to a fence. If any of the cable has a serial number beginning with “IWP”, it’s just irrigation cable.

Other selections of dog fence cable is simply just too thin, and will barely stand up to basic environmental conditions.

Read below for accurate descriptions in relation to invisible fence dog fence wire to assist in making the best dog fence wire choice, and avoid risking having to constantly keep buying and replacing.

We challenge any supplier of dog fence systems, or electronic dog fence cable to guarantee their cable can match our quality and thickness.

What’s the Difference?

A LOT! As you can see in the above image, there are stark contrasts in size! That’s the most noticeable difference between cheap dog fence wire and quality invisible dog fence cable!

Hidden Fence dog fence wire cable is the only brand that actually has their cable made to our specific needs!

We have organised with one of the dog fence industry leaders to specifically make our cable to suit the toughest Australian conditions.



The ULTRADOG BLACK is the leader.

Thickest dog fence wire cable available in Australia. Our dog fence wire cable boasts a 4mm outer coating which is pure polyethylene! High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene is the strongest available, and is the same material found with plastic water storage tanks!

Conductor Dimensions1.5mm
CoreMulti-Strand – 7 Strand
SheathHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sheath Dimensions4mm thick
PVC InsertNO
UV Rated (non buried)YES
Direct BurialYES


The DIY GREY is best choice for the DIY solution.

The UltraDog Black is the thickest dog fence wire cable available in Australia; However, the DIY GREY is the next thickest dog fence wire. The Hidden Fence DIY GREY stands strong at 2.75mm outer coating which is pure polyethylene! High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene is the strongest available, and is the same material found with plastic water storage tanks!

Conductor Dimensions0.8mm
CoreMulti-Strand – 7 Strand
SheathHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sheath Dimensions2.8mm thick
PVC InsertNO
UV Rated (non buried)YES
Direct BurialYES

Who’s behind in the pack?

Good question! Short answer is…”everyone else”.

The main issue is determining the application of use. Nearly all of them “can” be used without needing to bury the dog fence wire cable. It’s certainly an easy way to install by just tossing it on top of a fence, or lie it on the ground, but this is definitely the “caveman” version of dog fence wire installation.

Burying the dog fence wire cable is an industry standard, but isn’t always practical.

Certainly the dog fence wire cable that is offered from us at Hidden Fence is the superior choice and industry leading. No other supplier in Australia can match our cable. No One!

The other dog fence companies in Australia that carry dog fence cable will make claims of being “the strongest”, “the best dog fence wire cable”, etc etc; however, the dog fence wire cable from Hidden Fence gladly accepts the challenge of going “head to head”!

As mentioned before, the majority of these groups simply sell irrigation cable that is retrofitted into a dog fence kit offering. The largest cable offered is 1.mm copper, with a maximum outside diameter of around 2.2mm.

There are some others that are smaller and thinner than these, and then there’s the dreaded “blue stuff”!

The fact it’s advertised as dog fence cable for dog containment systems is the industry joke.

That “blue stuff” has an outside diameter of 0.4mm, and a tin core of 0.15mm.

This cable is commonly used for wire-wrapping high-speed digital circuits on a special kind of contact board.

It’s pretty rare to see wire-wrapping in these days of low-cost PCB fabrication

but the wire is still really handy for prototyping work. Widely use for laptop, motherboard,

LCD display, breadboard, electronic test and other PCB soldering fly line.

So overall…used as troubleshooting for circuit boards. Beware, as it has no UV protection, likely won’t last more than several weeks as a dog fence wire solution.