Bark Collars

Our Signature Bark Collar is the BT7 No Bark Trainer manufactured by DogWatch and proudly distributed through the Hidden Fence network in Australia.

The BT7 Bark Collar is lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable. It features 15 correction levels with options for audible, vibration, and static corrections. The user can program correction levels to suit the temperament of your dog. There is also an option for automatic progression levels.

The bark forgiveness feature allows your dog to bark normally within acceptable parameters, and the automatic cut-off feature activates if your dog does not respond to the correction cues. The collar includes a settings dial, indicator light, stainless steel buckle and a biothane collar strap.

How Bark Collars Work

Bark Collars work by delivering an electronic stimulus when barking levels exceed acceptable levels. Audible, vibration and static reminders work together to correct nuisance barking.

Bark Collar Safety

Anti-Bark Collars are safe for dogs and effective when used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Hidden Fence only sells bark collars that have been quality tested and are safe for Australian conditions.

Signature Bark Collar

The No Bark Trainer is manufactured by Dogwatch and distributed in Australia by Hidden Fence. It can be conveniently ordered online or through our distributors Australia-wide. Training and support is also available.

Do Bark Collars Work?

Absolutely yes! Bark Collars are excellent training aids that help reduce nuisance barking. However, you need to choose the right one.

Choosing the Best Anti-Bark Collar

Bark Collars should be called Anti-Bark Collars as bark collars reduce the amount and intensity of barking. When choosing a bark collar, purchasing a reputable product that has been tried and tested is essential. Hidden Fence proudly supplies bark collars and accessories that have been quality tested and backed up with a comprehensive warranty. We recommend our signature bark collar as the best bark collar to reduce nuisance barking.

BT7 Bark Collar – What’s In The Box?

When you receive your BT7 Dogwatch No Bark Trainer, you will find the bark collar receiver, bark collar strap, charger, extra contact posts, a test light multi-tool, warranty registration card, and owner’s guide. While using the bark collar is relatively easy, please read the owner’s guide and follow the instructions to ensure correct operation and your dog’s safety.

Helpful owner tips around the use of bark collars:

How To Fit A Bark Collar

It’s essential to position the collar strap just behind your dog’s ears, at the neck’s narrowest point. This ensures that the Bark Collars contact posts effectively pick up barking sounds. These posts must maintain constant contact with your dog’s skin for accurate detection. The BarkCollar should be right under the chin to optimally capture your dog’s barking. If the collar is overly loose or not correctly aligned with the centre of your dog’s neck, it might fail to register the barking, resulting in your dog not experiencing the intended vibration or stimulation.

Should a Bark Collar Be Worn All Day?

Taking off the BarkCollar for a minimum of six hours daily is essential to avoid the risk of pressure-related rashes or sores. Ideally, the collar should be worn during the day or times when your dog tends to bark excessively. We suggest removing the BarkCollar at night (or for a substantial part of the day) to safeguard against any irritation to the skin.

Bark Collar Warranty

Our manufacturer, DogWatch, provides a 1-year limited warranty on both parts and labour from the date of purchase.

How old does my dog need to be to use a Bark Collar?

We recommend using the bark collar on dogs above 4-6 months old. The bark collar can be used as a training aid to teach young dogs acceptable levels of barking.

How big does my dog need to be to use a Bark Collar?

Bark collars can be used on dogs as small as 1.8kg.

How do I know the Bark Collar is working?

Activate the BarkCollar. When the Status Light on the BarkCollar flashes green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged and the collar is operational. Additionally, an automatic “self-test” feature (described in the owner’s manual) verifies the BarkCollar’s functioning.

How long will it take for my dog to stop barking?

Several factors influence the speed at which your dog’s behaviour adjusts, including your dog’s temperament, how often barking triggers occur, and your dog’s ability to stay focused when barking. Generally, dogs start to understand the link between their barking and the feedback from the collar’s vibration or stimulation after a few uses. For some dogs, barking decreases rapidly, while for others, it might reduce more slowly. If you don’t observe a significant change after a fair trial period, ensure the collar fits well and that the contact posts are the correct size. If the collar is fitted correctly but your dog still barks, consider incrementally increasing the Bark Collars setting by one level.

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