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Bark Collar BT7 DogWatch brand

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Stop your dogs nuisance barking; Subtle or pronounced! The Bark Collar has it all!!!

Finally… a quality, one-size-fits-all, 5-Star barking collar!

Feature summary: Rechargeable, Bark Counter, vibration and e-stimulation, waterproof and more… The “bark Collar” manufactured by Dogwatch, is a “state of the art” bark collar for your dog. As with all DogWatch brand products, the quality and worksmanship on this little wonder is second to none. This bark collar was designed by a team of experts from various parts of the industry, including Australia. The idea was to provide a training tool that could be used on every type of breed and deliver any form of stimulation influence, depending on the application and barking habit. This bark collar can be programmed to deliver a vibration, or e-stimulation depending on what is necessary to minimise the barking. There is even a “bark counter” which will help you determine the correct level to soften the dogs barking.

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 15 Levels within 5 settings!
  • Bark Counter TM
  • Vibration or e-Stimulation
  • Progressive or User set levels
  • LED Status
  • 3-Year warranty

Product Includes

  • Rechargeable Bark Collar Unit
  • Collar Strap
  • 2 sets of Contact Posts  (GentleFit Contacts will fit as well…see store)
  • Australian AC Charger
  • Instruction Manual



Bark Collar™ is designed to change your dog’s barking behavior. If your dog barks excessively, the Bark Collar delivers a vibration or a stimulation at a level that is just enough to distract your dog and break the barking cycle.

The Bark Collar has 7 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option so you can select a setting appropriate for your dog. The vibration or stimulation gradually increases within the selected setting if the dog continues to bark. When the barking stops, the collar resets.


  • Bark Collar
  • Collar Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • Long and Short Contact Posts
  • Owner’s Guide

Feature Overview

7 Adjustable Settings

The 7 adjustable settings include a vibration setting, 5 stimulation settings and a Progressive setting that begins with Vibration and gradually progresses from Low to High if the dog continues to bark.

Progressive Levels

When the dog barks, the level of the vibration or stimulation (for that setting) gradually increases. When your dog stops barking, the Bark Collar resets to the lowest level for that setting.

Bark Forgiveness

When the barking begins, there is a brief delay before the collar activates. This helps differentiate “acceptable” from excessive barking

Bark Counter

Provides information about how often the collar activated. Helps you learn about your dog’s barking behavior – even if you are not there to observe it.

Long-Lasting Battery

The long-lasting, easy-to-recharge battery typically stays charged for several months.

Low Battery Indicator

Lets you know when it is time to recharge.

Lightweight, Waterproof



What is the purpose of the BarkCollar?

The BarkCollar is used to reduce and eliminate excessive barking.

How do I fit the BarkCollar to my dog?

The collar strap needs to be placed on the smallest part of the dog’s neck, just below the dog’s ears. It must fit snugly so the contact posts are touching the center of the dog’s neck where the vibration from the dog’s bark can be detected. If the collar is placed too loosely or too far from the center of the dog’s neck, the bark may not be detected.

How long does the battery charge last?

Battery life depends on frequency of use and the barking behavior of the dog. A collar that is worn for long periods and triggered frequently will need to be recharged more often than a collar that is worn for shorter periods and triggered only occasionally. The charge typically lasts a month or more for a collar worn daily with low to moderate activation.

How does the BarkCollar work?

A sensor inside the BarkCollar is activated when the dog barks. After three seconds of barking (the ‘bark-forgiveness’ period), the collar activates and delivers either a vibration or an electronic stimulation. The vibration or stimulation setting is adjustable and should be set to a level that is just enough to distract the dog from barking. If the dog continues to bark, the intensity of the vibration/stimulation gradually increases from the minimum to the maximum for that setting. As your dog begins to associate barking with the vibration/stimulation, he also figures out the sensation stops when the barking stops.

How long does the rechargeable battery last and is it replaceable?

Yes. The rechargeable battery life is typically several years. The rechargeable battery needs to be replaced when the duration of a recharge decreases significantly. Replacement batteries are available from DogWatch. The battery is easy to replace.

Do I need to take the BarkCollar off the dog when not in use?

Yes. If there is no need to have the collar on the dog, it should be taken off the dog and turned off. We recommend removing the collar at night to prevent skin irritation.

How do I pick the setting that is best for my dog?

Turn-on the BarkCollar and and set it to ‘V’ (Vibration). Put the BarkCollar on your dog. Observe the dog barking and look for a response such as a head shake, ear twitch, or change in barking behavior. If you do not see a response, or if the dog continues to bark with no apparent reaction to the collar, increase the setting one level and repeat the process. Do not increase ny more than one level at a time. When you see a subtle reaction from your dog, that setting is a good place to begin training.

How long will it take for my dog to stop barking?

There are several variables that affect how quickly your dog’s behavior will change, most notably the personality of your dog, the frequency of things that trigger the barking and your dog’s tolerance for distraction when barking. Most dogs begin to understand the relationship between barking and the sensation from the vibration/stimulation after several activations of the collar. Barking behavior will diminish quickly in some dogs and more gradually in others. If there is no noticeable change after a reasonable trial period, check the collar to make sure the fit is good and the contact posts are the correct size. If collar fit is appropriate and the dog continues to bark, the BarkCollar setting should be increased one level.

How do I know the BarkCollar is working?

Turn on the BarkCollar. If the Status Light on the BarkCollar blinks green, the battery is charged and the BarkCollar is working. There is also an auto “self-test” (see below) to confirm that the BarkCollar is working.

How do I test the BarkCollar?

There is an auto “self-test” built into the collar. When you turn it “on” and each time the setting is changed, the BarkCollar will vibrate briefly and the status light will illuminate. This auto “self-test” confirms the BarkCollar is charged and working properly.

How big does my dog need to be to use the BarkCollar?

The BarkCollar should be effective on dogs as small as 4 pounds.

How old does my dog need to be to use the BarkCollar?

We recommend waiting until the dog is 4-6 months old.

Is the stimulation going to hurt my dog?

No. The electronic stimulation is mild. Imagine a slight tickle or light static, like touching a metal doorknob after walking across carpet. The stimulation gets a pet’s attention, similar to a tap on the shoulder.

If used on two dogs, will the bark of one dog set-off the other dog’s collar?

If used on two dogs, will the bark of one dog set-off the other dog’s collar?
No – the collar must be in contact with the dog’s neck to be activated.

Can my dog wear both the Hidden Fence collar and the BarkCollar?


Is the BarkCollar waterproof?


Is there a warranty on the BarkCollar?

Yes. The warranty is 1 year.

Are there health restrictions?

There are no specific health restrictions. If you have a concern about your dog using a bark collar due to a health condition, we suggest you contact your veterinarian.

Which contacts posts should I use?

We recommend using long posts for dogs with long hair or a thick coat. Short posts should be fine for short haired dogs who do not have a thick coat.

Which contacts posts should I use?

We recommend using long posts for dogs with long hair or a thick coat. Short posts should be fine for short haired dogs who do not have a thick coat.

Will weather affect how the unit works? (Cold, hot etc.)

The components in the BarkCollar are specified to operate from minus 4 degrees (C) to 52 degrees (C). A significant and rapid change in temperature may temporarily disrupt some of the BarkCollar functions until the device adjusts to the new temperature level.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Bark Collar BT7 DogWatch brand

  1. Cath morris

    Just thought I would review. We have purchased more than 5 bark collars from other company’s, all have failed. They were cheap, but kept trying them as we figured that’s just the way these collars are. We bought this bark collar out of desperation 2 weeks ago and LOVE it!! We could set the settings with this collar where the others just did what they wanted. Thanks, it was well worth the extra money.

  2. JK

    Excellent product – worked on night one. We live rural and our dog was barking on-and-off throughout the night at all the nocturnal wild life. We used it each night for about 4 weeks and now we find she does not need the collar on at all.

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