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CATWATCH® DIY is a premium grade “DO IT YOURSELF” Cat Containment  System.

This Cat Fence is GUARANTEED and will suit ANY Breed and Size. From your Burmese to your Maine Coon!

FEATURE SUMMARY: Programmable Software, Waterproof Collar, Long Battery Life and more… see below.

  • 6-Month BATTERY LIFE – User replaceable*
  • 150 meters of UV boundary wire cable
  • FM Digital Software by SafeLink®
  • Speed detect FastReact® Software*
  • Individually Programmable Stimulation Levels (5)
  • 200 sqm metre to 2 Full acre capacity (with additional cable)*



This is the Original and Authentic CatWatch ® Hidden Fence cat fence containment system.

Cat fencing is a nearly impossible solution, as a cat can jump over a fence, climb a fence or even dig out. The Cat fence by CatWatch ® Hidden Fence DIY cat fence system utilises the patented FM operating system used to maximise clear communication between the cat fence collar and the hidden fence boundary.

This software completely minimizes unintentional activation of the pet collar by outside sources (unlike cheap dog fence products sold on on-line auction sites like eBay® and Gumtree®, which are notorious for, and will falsely activate).

The Cat fence DIY kit is secure enough…that it’s the only system recommended when being installed along a chain link or colorbond® fence, even under power lines!! The Cat fence by Hidden Fence is a solution for many cat owners struggling to come up with adequate fencing to keep their cat safe at home.


The DIY electric Cat fence by is manufactured by DogWatch ® located in Boston MA, USA. The DIY Cat fence is designed to suit ANY breed of cat. Whether your cat has long dense fur like a Maine Coon cat, or ultra short fur like a siamese cat …this invisible fence system has all the features to contain that breed safely.

See below for exclusive features only offered by DogWatch Hidden Fence systems:

Safelink® FM DM Digital Signal – Patented and EXCLUSIVE
A coded FM DM digital signal insures to minimise unintentionally correct your pet, unlike all other AM DM receivers (DIY) which can activate without warning and inconsistently around the boundary.

Boundary Control Technology – EXCLUSIVE
System can be programmed in multiple ways to solidify the signal throughout the entire boundary. Speed of the pet, behaviour and highly instinctual breeds can be controlled through the programming, which maintains training integrity.

5-Training and Stimulation levels
Subtle enough for the tiniest breed, or potent enough for the stubborn cat; Hidden Fence receivers are engineered to offer the consumer the most flexibility on the market for SAFELY containing their pet.

Our Hidden cat fence R12M receiver collars deliver everything from 1.5 kv to 4.5 kv at multiple pulse rates. The R12M Cat fence collar is a great all-round receiver collar for the skittish cat and great for a stubborn breed.

Individually Programmable Collars
Hidden Fence receivers are fully programmable. You can have an unlimited number of dog fence collars on a hidden fence system…all programmed individually!!

FastReact® – Patented and EXCLUSIVE
FastReact ® is Digital software that calculates the cats speed at the signal entry point. If the software recognises that the cat is attempting to “break out”, the software quickly responds and imparts the correction within 1/8th of a second. Fastest reaction time of ANY system.

Visual wire break indicator
Immediately indicates if a break in the boundary wire occurs.

Large Property Applications
Hidden Fence DIY cat fencing is able to secure a property anywhere from of 300 square metres to 2 acres. CALL 1800 223 364 FOR LARGER APPLICATIONS

6-Month Battery Life – User Replaceable
Hidden Fence cat fence collars are engineered to be the industry leader in efficiency and reliability. Our receiver collars maximize battery life by utilizing specially designed
software. Unlike other brands which use proprietary batteries which need to be replaced as early as 30-days.  Hidden fence receivers lead the industry globally in this area.

 Industrial Grade Components
All Hidden Fence products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications, from gold plated battery contacts, to lead free soldering.

Approved and Compliant to Australian Communication Authority
EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE

3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
Honoured throughout Australia by over 18 local distributors.

ECMA and PETT Compliant



R12M Programmable Cat Fence Collar Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 43mm x 29mm x 18mm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Battery: One Lithium 3.0 volt  CR1/3N
  • Battery life: 6-Months – non-specific activity
  • Collar Strap sizes: Cat, x-small
  • Reaction Time: 1/8th of 1 second (fastest in the industry) Patented
  • Digital Signal: FM – FSK Waveform (frequency Shift Keying) – Patented
  • Khz: 8 and 4
  • Correction Auto Shutdown: Receiver stimulation shuts down after 15 sec. Automatic and instant reset.
  • Correction Output: 4 (1.5kv to 4.5kv) 2 variable PPS (pulses per second) settings
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Output: High Impedance (complies with ECMA standards)
  • Software – Self diagnostic, Alert Enabled, Crisis Self Adjust – Patented
  • Case Material: Fiberglass infused-Poly-Carbonate construction

IB200 Multi Hidden Fence Transmitter Controller

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Power Requirements: 18v@750mA
  • Power Usage (annual): $4 to $6, non-specific activity
  • Digital Signal: SafeLink® FM – FSK Waveform (frequency Shift Keying) (Patented)
  • Pulse Rate : Automatic
  • Khz: 4 or 8 khz
  • Battery Back-Up: no
  • Water-resistant: Yes
  • Range: 6” to 15” (.150mm to 3.5m) one side of the cable.
  • Acreage Capacity: 200sq to 2 Acres
  • Software – Self diagnostic, Alert Enabled
  • Alarm: Visual only, wire cut or wire discrepancy

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

3 reviews for Cat Fence DIY- CATWATCH ® HIDDEN FENCE Brand

  1. Angeline

    I have now had the hidden fence for nearly 1 year. it took about 2 weeks to fully train my cat and adjust the fence as required. The fence is an absolute blessing. My cat is always home where he is free to roam the entire block, and climb trees etc He doesn’t ever cross the open drive way or escape from any of the other uneven boundaries of our property. I still take him for walks around the neighbourhood on his lead which he loves but then is quite content to be back home. I think the hidden fence/collar system is far better than any kind of cat run or other cat proof fencing available (too costly). The collar seems at time to be a bit on the bulky side but my cat totally ignores it and happily has it put on before he goes outside in the morning. Thankyou hidden fence for keeping my pet safe.

  2. Joe

    Good afternoon,
    We purchased a “hidden fence” cat fence for Ziggy, our Siberian Forest Cat.
    I installed the system as per instructions, set the flags, and tested the system by keeping the collar close to the ground, near the wire to work out where to put the flags.
    We then indoor trained Ziggy for a few days, and let him out on day 4.
    We fully supervised him for the first few days, and he got the hang of the system very quickly.
    When the “beeper” goes off , he knows he is getting too close to the flags, and if he gets a “zap” (setting is “2”) he turns around and runs away from the flags.
    Our cat weighs currently 6kg (he is a “large breed” cat), and still growing after 12 months.
    The collar does not annoy him, we take it off when he comes into the house for the evening, and we only put it on when he goes outside. He has it worked out, that when the collar goes on, he can go outside.
    I also every now and then wave a spare flag in front of him when he gets close to the Line of flags, to give him a reminder.
    He loves being out in the garden, and now knows his “boundaries”.
    It is critical to place the flags so he had reference points.
    We have the flags 50 to 75 cm apart.
    We are very impressed with the “Hidden Fence” system, and can highly recommend it, as long as you put in the initial effort required to train your cat.
    Thanks and regards,
    Joe Dicker
    Balmoral, QLD

  3. Jill

    We’ve had the fence in now for about 9 months and it’s been great. Our 2 young cats play in our yard and never wander. It’s been fabulous! Excellent service too!

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