Dog Fence – DIY Self-Install

Not all dog fence containment systems are created equal!!

This is the Original Hidden Fence system by DogWatch®.

Since 2002, Hidden Fence pioneered the electronic dog fence industry in Australia.

Simply the Best…No Getting Around It!!

Proudly engineered and assembled in Boston MA, USA

Best Dog Fence in its class

Hidden Fence 1200FMD DIY Dog Fence

  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof Dog Fence Collar
  • FM Digital Software
  • 2-Year Battery Life
  • 3-Year or 5-Year Warranty
  • Mild to Stubborn
  • No Need to Bury!!!

Kit Includes:

  • Dog fence Transmitter Controller
  • Dog Fence Receiver Collar
  • Dog Fence Surge protector
  • 150m Heavy Duty Boundary cable
  • Training Flags
  • and more…

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Most Advanced Dog Fence

Hidden Fence SMART FENCE DIY Dog Fence

  • Easy to install
  • App Enabled
  • Safety Notifications via Text
  • FM Digital Software
  • Waterproof Dog Fence Collar
  • 5-Year Limited Electronics Warranty
  • Fully Programmable!

Kit Includes:

  • Transmitter Controller
  • Receiver Collar
  • Surge protector
  • 150m Heavy Duty Boundary cable
  • Training Flags
  • and more…

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DogWatch ® DIY Dog Fence is very different from every other Dog Fence system on the market!

No other DIY dog fence system on the market can cater to each dog or escaping situation like our product, and no other electric dog fence product has the reputation or history of its exceptional engineering and quality control.

The programmable features available for the customer allows them the ability to tailor the system to any breed and escaping habit. The invisible fence system programmable electrical stimulation levels that range from low to strong! That means the tiniest breed like a pug or chihuahua, to the largest and strongest breeds like the Mastiff or the German Shepherd, will all stay at home using the Dogwatch® electric dog Fence system.

Along with DogWatch ® Hidden Fences 34 years in the pet containment industry and over 250 distributors globally, are the industry leading warranty program.

The Dogwatch ® DIY dog fence systems have a full 3-Year Equipment Warranty on all electrical components and plastics. This covers dog chewing of the receiver, as well as damage caused by lightning or surges to the transmitter controller.

“Do it once, and do it right” the first time. It’s common for the DogWatch ® distributors to be contacted by dog owners that have tried to make cheap DIY dog fence systems work to contain their dogs, but failed to do so, whether by the fault of cheap products or incorrect installation and training.

With our Hidden Fence service and products, your dog will stay safe at home…guaranteed.

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Hidden Fence brand DIY dog fence commands the same digital FM modulated signal as the Hidden Fence Professional equipment.


Now pet owners throughout Australia have the option of either the Professionally installed Hidden Fence brand products, or the NEW Consumer friendly DIY Series electric dog fence system.

Hidden Fence DIY is the only dog containment system available in Australia with UL Approved Internal and External lightning and surge protection… Read More about dog fence lightning protection…

The Hidden Fence DIY kit come engineered with the Patented Safelink® Digital FM/DM signal software which minimises unintentional activation of the dogs programmable receiver collar.

The SafeLink signal is secure enough, it can be placed on chain link or ColorBond fences, under power lines and around dams completely minimising disruption of the transmitter/receiver relationship.

Our brand dog fence is recommended when any of these environmental conditions are a factor when considering a pet containment system to eliminate escaping behaviour in your pet.

Hidden Fence brand Dog Fence systems are NOT CHEAP IMPORTS!

The Hidden Fence brand Dog Fence containment system is completely different than the cheap imports seen on various auction sites and rougue “one and done” online retailers. The Hidden Fence brand product is exclusively designed and manufactured by DogWatch ® Hidden Fence in the USA.

Our dog fence products meet or exceed ECMA standard, and are a proven product since 1990!

Cheap DIY dog fences frequently seen online are what’s known in the dog fence industry as “cookie cutters”. Whereas a manufacturer will generically produce a base product and sell to any unlicensed individual for the purpose of reselling in bulk, but offering no support, warranty or guarantee to the end user. Since no licensing is involved, there is virtually no support for a dog owner if the product fails.

These cheap diy dog fences come and go through the market place all the time under various different names; however, they are simply the same low grade product.

Typically an easy way to identify these cheap dog fence systems is thin blue dog fence cable, as well as the obvious clunky receiver collars.

We encourage dog owners to do sound research and carefully inspect all brands offered in Australia. Try and call and speak to a real person about their product! Ask them all questions with regards to the features, and how they are geared to your pets safety! We are confident that when any product is measured against our Hidden Fence by DogWatch ®, it won’t even be a “close choice”.


Safelink® FM DM Digital Signal – Patented and EXCLUSIVE
A coded FM DM digital signal insures to minimise unintentionally correct your pet, unlike all other AM DM receivers (DIY) which can activate  without warning and inconsistently around the boundary.

External/Internal Surge and Lightning Protection – EXCLUSIVE
Best possible protection from surges for your investment.
Read more about dog fence surge protection…

Boundary Control Technology – EXCLUSIVE
System can be programmed in multiple ways to solidify the signal throughout the entire boundary. Speed of the pet, behaviour and highly instinctual breeds can be controlled through the programming, which maintains training integrity.

5-Training and Stimulation levels
Subtle enough for the tiniest breed, or strong enough for the toughest most robust dog; Hidden Fence receivers are engineered to offer the consumer the most flexibility on the market for SAFELEY containing their pet.

Individually Programmable Collars
Hidden Fence receivers are fully programmable, so no need for a “small dog” or “stubborn dog” receiver collar. You can have an unlimited number of dog fence collars on a hidden fence system…all programmed individually!!

This makes the Hidden Fence DIY dog fence the SAFEST on the market!

FastReact® – Patented and EXCLUSIVE
FastReact is Digital software that calculates the dogs speed at the signal entry point. If the software recognises that the dog is attempting to “break out”, the software quickly responds and imparts the correction within 1/8th of a second. Fastest reaction time of ANY system.

Audio and Visual Security Alerts
Immediately alerts if a break in the boundary wire occurs.

Unlimited Property Applications
Hidden Fence DIY dog fencing is able to secure a property anywhere from of 300 square metres to 200 acres. No other brand electric dog fence kit can come close.

2-Year Battery Life – User Replaceable
Hidden Fence dog fence collars are engineered to be the industry leader in efficiency and reliability. Our receiver collars maximise battery life by utilising specially designed
software. Unlike other brands which use proprietary batteries which need to be replaced as early as 30-days.  Hidden fence receivers lead the industry globally in this area. Read more about electric dog fence batteries…

Industrial Grade Components
All Hidden Fence products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications, from gold plated battery contacts, to lead free soldering.

Approved and Compliant to Australian Communication Authority
EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE

3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
Honoured throughout Australia by over 18 local distributors. Warranty covers lightning damage and dog chewed receiver collars

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