Wireless Cat Fence Products – Indoor Fences

WIRELESS CAT FENCES for Inside your Home!

Outdoors is not the only place your pet needs boundaries.

Our indoor pet fences work wherever you need them, quietly, effectively, and hidden from view. 

A harmless, noiseless signal lets you control where your pets roam in the house. You can use the same collar with both the indoor fence and the outdoor fence, so it is a great way to expand the value of your outdoor pet containment system.

If your cat is welcome in your home but perhaps there’s one room or area you’d like to keep pet-free without raising your voice or installing unsightly gates. You can effectively keep your pet in areas you choose around your home. Keep Felix off the bed, out of the dining room, and away from your kitchen counters with one of our indoor wired or wireless fence systems. And our indoor cat fencing is the best way to keep claws off your couch.

Your pets easily learn where they can go & not go.

Cat climbing the Christmas tree? Food on the kitchen island? We have an indoor wired or wireless pet containment system for any lifestyle need. Enjoy your pet’s company in your home and regain control of your house with our indoor cat fencing.

Hidden Fence has many offerings with regards to your needs!! We offer the Wireless Hidden Fence MB1 and MB2 as a DIY, and as a dealer installed product! We can recommend and install an indoor wired or wireless fence that will keep your pet in — or out — of any area you choose. Your pet wears the same receiver indoors or out. The wired or wireless cat containment systems work with Hidden Fence receiver collars, so it’s a great way to expand the value of your Hidden Fence purchase!

MB2 Wireless / Wired Multi-transmitter

Perfect for Bi-fold Doors!

Doorways, kitchen benches, L-shaped lounge. All of these can be cat free zones.

Indoor Hidden Fence Models


An Indoor and Outdoor waterproof wireless cat fence that you can use anywhere to create a pet-free zone. The MB1 has a rechargeable battery and will protect an area up to 3m in diameter (1.5m from the center). This is a perfect choice to protect a small area if you need a portable boundary that can be used without plugging it in.

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Our most flexible solution to keep your pet safe inside. This transmitter can be used either with or without a boundary wire. You can install the MB2 pet barrier with a wire to protect a large defined indoor area or you can use it without a wire for greater flexibility to protect smaller areas up to 3.5m in diameter (1.7m from center).

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Interior Installation is Simple.

Just place the Hidden Fence wireless fence transmitter in the area you want to protect and create an instant, wireless fence barrier, easily adjusted by you. Our wireless cat fences will keep your pet out of the dining room, away from an entrance, trash barrel – you name it.

If you want to keep your pets out of several rooms, your Hidden fence Dealer can install the Scoot!™  wired indoor system for you.

Live comfortably with your pets in your own home! Contact your local Hidden fence Dealer for an installation plan and an estimate for one of our wired or wireless cat fences that will solve your indoor pet containment needs.