Do fence rollers work for cats?

Create your own DIY Cat Proof Fence

DIY cat fence rollers are a type of fence modification designed to keep cats from climbing over fences. These rollers are typically made from PVC tubing cut to size and threaded with a wire or rope. The rollers are then mounted on top of the fence so that they spin freely when a cat tries to climb up and over the fence. The idea is that the cat will be unable to get a grip on the spinning rollers and eventually give up and climb back down.

Do DIY cat fence rollers make an effective DIY cat-proof fence?

While cat fence rollers may seem like a good idea in theory, the reality is that they may not be very effective. The main issue with DIY cat fence rollers is that their surface area is generally too small to prevent a determined cat from getting past them. In addition, some cats may be able to find a way to grip onto the rollers or the fence itself, rendering the rollers ineffective.

What is the best type of DIY cat-proof fence?

The CatWatch DIY Cat Proof Fence is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to keep their cats safe and contained while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. There are several reasons why this type of fence is considered the best option for DIY cat-proofing.

Firstly, the CatWatch fence is specifically designed for cats. It features a unique design where a proprietary wire cable is installed either along the perimeter of your property, on a fence line, or at ground level. This cable is connected to a patented FM digital transmitter, which sends out a coded radio signal through the cable. To detect this signal, your cat is equipped with a lightweight and waterproof receiver attached to an adjustable collar. 

As your cat approaches the proximity of the cable, an audible warning tone is emitted from the receiver on the collar to alert them that they are getting too close and need to back up. This warning tone is usually sufficient to deter most cats from proceeding further. However, in rare instances where the warning tone is ignored even after proper training, the collar is designed to emit a non-injurious and customised electrical stimulation to further discourage the cat from crossing the boundary. With our proven cat training protocol, your cat will quickly learn the boundaries and be well aware of the expectations to stay within the safe confines of your property.

DIY Cat Proof Fence 

Additionally, the CatWatch fence is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The cabling system is made from stainless steel, ensuring it can withstand the weight of multiple cats and any weather conditions.

Furthermore, the CatWatch fence is easy to install and can be done as a DIY project. The fence has all the necessary components and instructions; no special tools or skills are required. This makes it a cost-effective solution for pet owners who want to create a safe and secure outdoor space for their cats.

Overall, the CatWatch DIY Cat Proof Fence is the best type of DIY cat-proof fence because of its unique design, high-quality materials, and ease of installation. By choosing this type of fence, pet owners can provide their cats with a safe and enjoyable outdoor space while protecting them from harm.

Are pet fences really necessary for cats?

While it may seem like cats are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves outdoors, the truth is that there are many dangers that they can face if they are allowed to roam freely. Cats allowed to wander outside risk getting hit by cars, getting into fights with other animals, or being attacked by predators such as dogs. In addition, outdoor cats are more likely to be exposed to diseases and parasites and may even become lost or stolen.

For these reasons, many pet owners have moved away from DIY cat fence rollers and have chosen to install a more sophisticated style of pet fence or containment system to keep their cats safe and secure. These systems can provide your cat access to the outdoors while keeping them protected from harm. Additionally, a DIY cat-proof fence can provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation, which can improve their overall health and well-being.

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