Does a Dog Boundary Collar Create an Electronic Fence?

dog boundary collar

When considering a dog boundary collar, it’s important to understand that it is just one component of a Hidden Fence System, particularly the DogWatch system available from Hidden Fence. This article will explore a dog boundary collar, its role in a hidden fence containment system, and how the perimeter is created with this kind of electronic fence system.

What is a Dog Boundary Collar?

dog boundary collar
Receiver Collar for DogWatch Smart Fence System

A dog boundary collar, also known as a receiver collar, is a crucial element of an electronic fence system designed to keep your dog within a designated area. The collar is equipped with a receiver that detects signals from a transmitter connected to a boundary wire. When the dog approaches the boundary wire (which is often buried), the collar emits a warning sound or a mild static correction to discourage the dog from crossing the line. This helps to create an invisible barrier that keeps your pet safe within the set perimeter.

What Role Does a Dog Boundary Collar Have in a Hidden Fence Containment System?

dog boundary collar
Hidden Fence Containment System, including dog boundary collar

The dog boundary collar plays a vital role in a hidden fence containment system. The receiver collar worn by the dog interacts with the boundary wire and transmitter to ensure the dog stays within the designated area. Here’s how it works:

Detection: The receiver collar detects signals transmitted through the boundary wire.

Warning: As the dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound to alert the dog.

Correction: If the dog continues towards the boundary, the collar delivers a mild static correction, encouraging the dog to retreat and stay within the safe zone.

Training: Over time, the dog learns to recognise and respect the hidden fence system’s boundaries, reducing the need for frequent corrections.

The dog boundary collar is essential for reinforcing the boundaries and ensuring the effectiveness of the hidden fence system.

What Creates the Perimeter in an Electric Fence System?

dog boundary collar

The perimeter in an electric fence system is created by a combination of a wire cable and a transmitter. Here’s how these components work together to form the invisible boundary:

Wire Cable: The boundary wire is installed around the perimeter of the area you want to contain your dog. This wire can be buried underground, attached to existing fences or structures, or laid through gardens and shrubbery to blend seamlessly with the environment. Training flags are placed as visual cues during initial training.

Transmitter: The transmitter is connected to the boundary wire and sends a continuous signal through it. The strength and range of the signal can be adjusted to suit the size of the containment area and the dog’s temperament.

Signal Transmission: The transmitter sends a coded signal through the boundary wire, creating an invisible perimeter that the dog boundary collar can detect. When the dog (or cat) wearing the boundary collar approaches the perimeter, the collar receives the signal from the boundary wire and activates the warning and correction mechanisms to keep the dog within the safe area.

A dog boundary collar is integral to the Hidden Fence System, particularly the DogWatch system available from Hidden Fence. While the collar itself does not create the electronic fence, it works in conjunction with the boundary wire and transmitter to establish an invisible perimeter that keeps your dog safe. Understanding the role of each component in the system is essential for effectively containing your pet and providing them with the freedom to explore their designated area safely. 

For more information on dog boundary collars and hidden fence systems, visit Hidden Fence.