Dog Fence Distributor – South Sydney and Southern Highlands

Anthony Waugh              

[email protected]
1800 223 364

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What is the most satisfying thing about being a Hidden dog Fence professional ?

When I was growing up, there were no dog fences. All the neighbourhood dogs were left to run where they wanted to, just like the kids, but they knew their own yards and feed times just like the kids.

Time has moved on and council rules are more restrictive. Populations grow and more responsibility is needed from dog owners. Hidden Fence dog fencing gives owners the ability to manage their dogs without the expense of building a quarantine station and gives their pets maximum space without feeling confined.


What’s your favourite breed of dog to train to the electronic dog fence containment system and why?

Having always owned golden labradors except for one dog who was a golden retriever. l would have to say without bias, my favourite dogs to train are golden labradors. All dogs seem easy to train to this system. 99% of dogs, no matter which breed, start to respond immediately .


What’s your favourite Hidden Fence dog containment system to use in the field and why?

The PT4 dog fence! It has all the features I need to contain any dog safely! It’s our professional dog fence system, so it’s next to the “top shelf” containment system, next to the Smart Fence, which is the flagship dog fence product!


Do you have a good story to share about containing a customers pet ?

All installations are good stories . One story l will share is Ruby the King Charles Spaniel. She lives with her owners next to their family run saw mill. Every morning tea and lunch she would arrive for what ever she could scrounge. All the mill workers adore her but after some near misses with heavy machinery it was too much of a risk and no one would want that on their conscience or have to deliver bad news. Ruby has the run of a beautiful garden her owners have and has lost a bit of weight and is one piece since they installed hidden fence.


What is the hardest install you have encountered ?

Had a customer with an overgrown backyard lantana , blackberries , hawthorn and a vine that made me break out in welts where l had to clip the dog fence wire on a barbed fence. Crawling on hands and knees under the mess. At least it was winter and no snakes.