What is the most cost-effective dog fence?

If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family you will need a cost-effective dog fence. No doubt you have already given some consideration to the type of dog fence you need to keep your dog in your yard. Inevitably the question, “What is the most cost-effective fence for a dog?” presents itself.

Cost effective dog fence

This is not a straightforward question to answer and there are many considerations:

Is a dog fence really necessary for your breed of dog?

Perhaps the most important consideration is the type of dog you have, in particular its size and its corresponding need for exercise. If you have a small dog and you plan to walk it every day, your need for a dog fence will be substantially less than the need for an adequate pet fence to contain a large exuberant dog. You will also need to give consideration to the times when you are not at home. Do you want to allow your dog access outside when you are not at home? If the answer is yes you will need to assess if any existing pet fencing is adequate for the type of dog you have and if not come up with a suitable alternative.

What do you want your dog fence to achieve?

Most people want a dog fence for containment and to prevent their dog from running away. Responsible pet owners also want their pets to experience a degree of freedom or lifestyle.

Traditionally, the way to achieve these outcomes has been to build a big structural fence. Unless you are a fence builder or think you would be good at building a DIY pet fence, the cost of building a big dog fence can become prohibitive. Fortunately, there are new dog fences available that use technology to establish a hidden or virtual fence that are substantially more cost-effective than traditional fence builds.

What sort of dog fence is suitable for where I live?

Where you live is a big factor when deciding on the best type of dog fence for you! For example, if you are renting a property that doesn’t have a fence, the landlord may not want to pay to erect a new fence or may not want you to build a fence for aesthetic reasons. In these situations, a hidden electronic fence is a great solution for containing your dog and preventing them from roaming freely.

Some building developments or local council areas also have restrictions around the type of fence you can build and some even totally prevent dog fences from being built at the front of the property. Once again a hidden electronic fence provides a great solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing.

What do I want my dog fence to look like?

The aesthetic or look of a dog fence is very important to many homeowners, particularly if they think the look would detract from the overall look of their home. For example, one of the cheapest dog fences to build is a simple wooden paling fence (which can still cost hundreds of dollars). The look of a simple dog fence is not very appealing, particularly if it is in the front of the property. A hidden fence containment dog fencing system provides containment for your dog without detracting from the appearance of your home – once again at a lower cost than other types of dog fencing.

What is my budget for a dog fence?

Your budget for a suitable pet fence will be a big factor. It may even affect your decision to purchase a pet in the first place. If you can’t afford a suitable dog fence then perhaps you shouldn’t be purchasing a dog in the first place? Hidden fences or electronic fences provide a solution for many pet owners, allowing them to purchase a dog fence at a price point that suits their budget better.

Do I need my dog fence to be portable?

If you are renting or relocating often, a portable dog fence may be high on your priority list. The hidden dog fence containment system can be easily relocated every time you move.

In summary, it is clear that hidden dog fences are one of the most cost effective dog fencing systems available for the containment of your precious pet. If you are thinking about erecting a permanent dog fence you may want to reconsider and investigate hidden dog fencing options. The cost-effectiveness is certainly worth it.

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