Bark Collar Product Review: A review of Hidden Fence’s Signature Bark Collar

Hidden Fence’s Signature BT7 Bark Collar by Dogwatch

What is a Bark Collar, and Why are Electronic Bark Collars So Popular in Australia?

A bark collar is a specialised device designed to help dog owners manage excessive barking. In Australia, where dog ownership is widespread, the popularity of electronic bark collars has surged. These devices are valued for their effectiveness and humane approach to training. Electronic bark collars work by delivering a gentle stimulus when a dog barks excessively, encouraging them to reduce this behaviour without causing harm. Bark collars are valuable as an adjunct to traditional methods of bark training and for specified times when the owner cannot be at home.

Hidden Fence: Leaders in Bark Collar Supply and Training

Hidden Fence, a renowned name in pet containment and training products in Australia, stands out in the bark collar market with distributors located right across Australia. Their commitment to quality, coupled with expert training solutions, positions them as leaders in this field. They understand the importance of balancing safety with effective training techniques.

Hidden Fence’s Signature Bark Collar: The BT7 No Bark Trainer Manufactured by DogWatch

The BT7 No Bark Trainer, manufactured by DogWatch and supplied by Hidden Fence in Australia, is a premium bark collar that combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly design. This bark collar is celebrated for its precision and reliability, ensuring that it only activates when your dog barks, avoiding false triggers.

User-Friendly Features of the BT7 Bark Collar

The BT7 bark collar boasts an array of features that make it a top choice for dog owners including:

Lightweight and Waterproof: Perfect for active dogs, this bark collar won’t weigh your pet down and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Rechargeable with 15 Levels Within 5 Settings!: The collar is easily rechargeable, eliminating the need for battery replacements, and offers 15 levels of stimulation within 5 user-friendly settings.

Bark Counter TM: This innovative feature tracks the number of barks, aiding in monitoring and adjusting the training process.

Vibration or e-Stimulation: Choose between vibration and electronic stimulation to tailor the training to your dog’s sensitivity and responsiveness.

Progressive or User Set Levels: The bark collar can automatically increase stimulation levels if barking persists or be manually set to a specific level.

LED Status: The LED status indicator provides clear, instant feedback on the collar’s operation and battery life.

How to Order the BT7 Bark Collar from Hidden Fence

Ordering the BT7 bark collar from Hidden Fence is straightforward. Visit the website, navigate to the collars section, and select the No Bark Trainer BT7 model. The website offers detailed product descriptions, making it easy to understand the features and benefits.

Excellent 1-Year Warranty on Parts and Labour

Hidden Fence’s commitment to quality is further exemplified by their excellent 1-year warranty on parts and labour for the BT7 bark collar. This warranty underscores their confidence in the product and provides peace of mind for the consumer.

Product Includes:

  • Rechargeable Bark Collar Unit
  • Collar Strap
  • 2 Sets of Contact Posts (GentleFit Contacts will fit as well…see store)
  • Australian AC Charger
  • Instruction Manual
Life is Better With a Dog!

The BT7 No Bark Trainer bark collar supplied by Hidden Fence is a top-tier choice for dog owners in Australia. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and the robust support and warranty from Hidden Fence make it a standout product in the bark collar market.