Can you use an electric dog fence inside?

An indoor dog fence sets up exclusion zones.

Exploring the Convenience and Safety of Indoor Virtual Electric Dog Fences

In recent years, pet owners have increasingly turned to innovative solutions to keep their furry companions safe and happy indoors. The Hidden Fence company in Australia offers an enticing solution – an Indoor Wireless Dog and Cat Fence that promises to be quick, easy to set up, and family-friendly. This article explores the features and benefits of using an electric dog fence inside, specifically examining Hidden Fence’s indoor virtual electric dog fence.

Is it easy to set up a dog fence indoors?

Traditionally, pet owners have relied on barricades or physical barriers to confine their pets indoors. However, these methods are not always aesthetically pleasing and may not be suitable for all households. The introduction of electronic or virtual indoor dog fences has simplified the process of keeping pets safe and out of mischief indoors. Hidden Fence’s indoor dog fence system eliminates the need for cumbersome physical barriers, making it a more family-friendly and visually appealing solution.

How does a virtual indoor dog fence work?

Hidden Fence’s indoor virtual dog fence operates on the principle of radio frequency technology. The system consists of a transmitter that emits a signal and small, discreet receiver collars worn by the pets. The transmitter establishes an adjustable avoidance area within your desired range, creating an invisible boundary. When your pet wearing the receiver collar approaches this boundary, the collar emits a warning tone, alerting them to step back. If they continue to approach the boundary, the collar delivers a mild static correction, which is completely safe and humane. With consistent training, pets quickly learn to recognise and respect these boundaries.

Can I buy extra transmission discs for my indoor dog fence?

Hidden Fence’s indoor dog fence system allows pet owners to expand the protected areas by adding extra transmission discs. This feature comes in handy, especially for larger homes or when protecting multiple rooms from pet access.

Does a dog fence indoors need power to operate?

The Hidden Fence’s Indoor Wireless Dog and Cat Fence is powered by either battery or rechargeable options, offering flexibility for different preferences. Battery-powered options are convenient for those who prefer a simple setup, while rechargeable options are more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

What range does an indoor dog fence have?

The Indoor Wireless Dog and Cat Fence offered by Hidden Fence have a programmable avoidance area that ranges from 0 to 3 meters. The adjustable range allows pet owners to customise the boundaries to suit their indoor space.

Setting up your dog fence indoors is easy.
Setting up your dog fence indoors is easy.

Does my dog need to wear a receiver collar?

Yes, for the indoor virtual dog fence to work effectively, your pet must always wear the receiver collar while inside the designated area. The collar is lightweight and designed to be comfortable for your furry companion.

Is an electronic indoor dog fence safe?

Yes, electronic indoor dog fences, including Hidden Fence’s system, are safe for pets when used correctly. The static correction delivered by the collar is mild and harmless, serving as a gentle reminder for your pet to stay within the designated boundaries. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensuring proper training to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being is essential.

How do I get an electronic dog fence indoors?

Obtaining Hidden Fence’s Indoor Wireless Dog and Cat Fence is straightforward. The system can be easily ordered online and delivered to your door. Setting it up is quick and hassle-free, as it requires no major installations or modifications to your home.

An indoor virtual electric dog fence offers a convenient and safe solution to keep your pets secure within the desired boundaries inside your home. Hidden Fence’s Indoor Wireless Dog and Cat Fence provides pet owners with a family-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and easily adjustable system to meet their indoor pet-containment needs. With proper training and responsible usage, this technology can significantly improve the quality of life for pets and their owners.

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