Do Electric Fences Keep Dogs Contained?

dogs and electric fences

Electric fences for dogs are popular among dog owners looking for a safe and effective containment solution. But do electric fences really keep dogs contained? Let’s delve into the facts surrounding dogs and electric fences.

Understanding the Truth About Dogs and Electric Fences

dogs and electric fences
Dogwatch: The best combination for dogs and electric fences.

Electric fences, such as the DogWatch brand available from Hidden Fence in Australia, work by emitting a harmless static correction when the dog approaches the boundary wire. This correction serves as a deterrent, teaching the dog to stay within the designated area. Combined with a training and conditioning program, DogWatch hidden fences can be a very effective dog containment solution, especially in areas where building a physical fence is not practical.

Can Dogs and Electric Fences Co-exist?

Yes, dogs can co-exist well with specialised dog electric fences when properly trained. Training is crucial to ensure that dogs understand the boundaries and consequences of approaching them.

Is There a More Accurate Name for Electric Fences for Dogs?

Electric dog fences are often referred to as invisible fences or hidden fences, reflecting their concealed nature and effectiveness in containing dogs without visible barriers. In Australia, the most respected name or brand for an electric dog fence is the DogWatch Hidden Fence. The Dogwatch Hidden Fence comes as a DIY Kit or with the option of professional installation and training.

Do Electric Fences for Dogs Keep Dogs In?

The DogWatch Hidden Fence is designed to keep dogs within the set boundaries. The static correction delivered by the collar serves as a reminder to the dog to stay within the safe area, making it a very effective dog containment solution.

DIY and Professional Installation for Electric Dog Fences

Hidden Fence offers both DIY and professional installation options for DogWatch electric dog fences. DIY kits provide flexibility, while professional installation ensures optimal placement and training.

What Maintenance is Needed for an Electric Dog Fence?

Cost effective dog fence

Regular maintenance includes checking the collar batteries, inspecting the boundary wire for breaks or damage, and ensuring the transmitter is functioning correctly.

How Do You Prevent a Wire Break in Your Hidden Fence?

Preventing wire breaks involves burying the boundary wire at the recommended depth, avoiding sharp bends, and periodically checking for any issues that could compromise the integrity of the fence. Having your DogWatch system installed professionally from the outset can also mitigate problems in the future.

Electric fences, such as the DogWatch brand from Hidden Fence, do provide a reliable way to contain dogs safely within designated areas. Proper training, maintenance, and installation are key to ensuring the effectiveness of these systems. For more information on DogWatch Containment Systems and how they can benefit your pet, visit Hidden Fence in Australia today.