Do Vets Recommend Bark Collars? Spotlight on BT7 No Bark Collar

Do vets recommend bark collars?
Do vets recommend bark collars?

Is your dog vocalising a bit too much for your liking? It’s a common dilemma, and you may be contemplating a bark collar as a solution. But wait—do vets recommend bark collars? More specifically, what do they think about the BT7 No Bark Collar by Hidden Fence in Australia? Buckle up; we’re diving in!

What is the BT7 No Bark Collar?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the BT7 No Bark Collar. It’s a top-of-the-line product from Hidden Fence in Australia designed to condition your dog to bark less, without causing any harm or discomfort to your dog.

Anti Barking bark collar
BT7 Bark Collar

Why Dogs Bark


Dogs can’t write essays or sing songs, but they do bark to communicate. It’s their version of a chat room, just a lot noisier!

Environmental Triggers

From passing cars to a ringing doorbell, many things can get your dog going. It’s not bad behaviour; it’s instinctive. The BT7 bark collar allows you dog to bark for an acceptable period of time before triggering.

Behavioural Issues

Sometimes, excessive barking is a sign of deeper issues like anxiety or boredom.

Choose a bark collar with bark forgiveness.
Choose a bark collar with bark forgiveness.

What Makes BT7 No Bark Collar Unique


The BT7 No Bark Collar is unlike any other. It uses audible warnings, vibration and static stimulation in a way that’s both humane and effective. Plus, it’s waterproof and has an impressive battery life.

User Reviews

Users rave about how effective the BT7 No Bark Collar is. Many report significant improvements in just a matter of days!

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Vet Perspectives on the BT7 No Bark Collar


Vets appreciate the humane aspect of the BT7 No Bark Collar. Many recommend it as a safe, effective way to control excessive barking when other methods of training have failed.


Critics argue that any form of a bark collar should be a last resort, but even they concede that if you’re going to choose one, the BT7 is the way to go.

Alternative Approaches


Positive reinforcement and traditional training is always preferred , but it can be time-consuming and inconsistent especially if your dog is not with you all day.

Environmental Adjustments

Little changes can help but often don’t solve the problem entirely.


Medication is a last resort and comes with side effects.

So, do vets recommend bark collars? 

The consensus leans towards yes, however underlying causes for excessive barking should be ruled out and conventional training using positive reinforcement should be the first avenue. However, most vets agree that when all those measures have failed, electronic bark collars may be an option, especially when it comes to the BT7 No Bark Collar. It’s humane, effective, and gets the thumbs up from both users and experts. Additionally in severe cases of nuisance barking, the use of a bark collar can prevent your dog from being seized and rehomed after complaints from disgruntled neighbours.

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Final Recommendations

If you’re on the fence about getting a bark collar, the BT7 No Bark Collar comes highly recommended and is worth considering.


Is the BT7 No Bark Collar safe?

Vets and users alike say it’s a safe and humane option.

How quickly will I see results with the BT7 No Bark Collar?

Users report seeing results in just a few days.

Is the BT7 No Bark Collar waterproof?

Yes, it’s designed for the Australian outdoors!

What is the battery life of the BT7 No Bark Collar?

It boasts an impressive battery life to keep your dog’s barking in check.

Where can I buy the BT7 No Bark Collar?

It’s available through Hidden Fence in Australia.