Do Virtual Fences Work For Dogs?

Virtual fences or an electronic dog fence as it is also known, are technology’s answer to keeping your dog safe and contained. As many dog owners will know, some dogs are natural escape artists. Regardless of the physical barrier placed around them, many will be determined to dig under it, jump over it or find a way around it. The dog may not be the issue however, it could be that the yard or area is too difficult or too large to secure with a physical barrier. In either of these scenarios, invisible dog fencing is a solution to be seriously considered. 

An invisible dog’s fence works where other physical barriers fail because it uses technology combined with behavioural conditioning to keep your dog secure. 

Professional training for electronic dog fence containment system
Professional training for electronic dog fence containment system.

How does invisible dog fencing work?  

An invisible or electronic dog fence combines a transmitter, perimeter wire and a dog boundary collar to keep your pet secure. The perimeter wire gets installed around the property, usually buried just underground and then connected to the transmitter. The transmitter is connected to mains power and sends an FM signal through the wire. It is important to understand that invisible dog fencing is nothing like an electric dog fence.  Electric fences work by sending a current down a live wire which delivers a shock to animals and people that come into contact with it. An invisible dog fence is much more sophisticated and safer. 

For the system to work, your dog comfortably wears a dog boundary collar when it is out in the yard. As it approaches the installed perimeter wire, the electronic collar makes an audible sound or vibration. If the dog continues toward the electric fence for dogs, the collar provides a non-harmful electronic stimulus to your dog to deter them from continuing further.  The electronic stimulus provided by the dog boundary collar is a TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a safe stimulation commonly used on humans.  

The electronic stimulus conditions your dog to avoid the perimeter, reducing the frequency over time that the collar is triggered. 

Are electric dog collar fences effective? 

Anyone who has used an electric or electronic dog fence before understands just how effective they can be. In most cases, dogs are very quick to respond to the electronic dog fence and will stop even attempting to approach the perimeter in a very short amount of time. 

Most invisible dog fencing is designed to be used with a range of dog breeds and dog sizes.  From smaller breeds to larger ones, the included dog boundary collars are designed to deliver an electronic stimulus tailored to your dog breed no matter what it is. 

Industry-leading invisible dog fencing

The PT5 Smart Fence with App is an industry-leading invisible dogs fence available from the dedicated experts at Hidden Fence. Invisible Fences are an improvement themselves on older technology and the PT5 Smart Fence is another leap forward again. The systems integration with your smartphone via an app opens up a whole new range of features and possibilities. 

The app allows you to be instantly notified if there are any issues with the system, such as a low battery, power loss, perimeter wire issues, or dog collar issues, and even includes an activity tracker for your 4 legged friends. 

Electronic dog fence PT5 Smart Fence with App

The PT5 Smart Fence is built with a focus on safety, reliability, quality, and innovation. The  PT5 uses a Safelink FM/DM signal which reduces interference and therefore the likelihood that the collar will trigger from other sources. The electronic dog fence system is built using industrial-grade components to ensure the system is operating when you need it most. 

Electronic Dog Fences are the most effective solution to keep your pet safe and contained within your yard. The PT5 Smart Fence with App is the leading electronic dog fence on the market and is available to purchase from the experts at Hidden Fence.