Is an E-collar The Same Thing as a Shock Collar?

Anti bark collars have long been referred to as shock collars but unless you know the history of the product, you might not know why. Modern electronic dog bark collars are unrecognisable in their sophistication when compared to the shock collars of old. Yet, those unfamiliar with these modern products still call them shock collars. So, what should you know about e-collar vs shock collar? 

e collar vs shock collar

What were shock collars? 

Shock collars were unsophisticated anti-bark collars. They were a simple technology that would deliver an electric current to the dog when it barked. Unfortunately, these types of collars when not set correctly could harm the dog or deliver a shock in response to other nearby dogs or noises, therefore conditioning the dog in the wrong way and at the wrong time. The electric shock given by these collars is where the name came from and it has, unfortunately, become the common term for every behavioural management collar in the market. 

While the terminology in the community hasn’t changed, the technology certainly has.  Modern electronic dog bark collars are much more effective at supporting your dog not to bark excessively and are much safer when doing this. This means that trying to compare an e collar vs shock collar is like comparing a horse and cart to a modern car. 

How do modern e-collars work?  

A modern bark collar corrects your dog’s excessive barking behaviour by using a TENS or  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to get their attention. This stimulation is non-harmful and is only intended to serve as a prompt for your dog.

Your dog’s excessive barking is not only frustrating for you and your neighbours but it can also cause your dog unwanted stress and anxiety. Breaking this behavioural cycle is a quick way to improve everyone’s quality of life. While anti bark collars are effective on their own at discouraging excessive barking, when coupled with a reward-based training program most pet owners can see results even faster. By offering a treat or reward when your dog responds to the collar, they quickly learn what level of barking is considered excessive. 

Modern e-collars are also much more versatile. There is a range of products available to not only reduce excessive barking but also reduce lead pulling and a remote trainer for when your dog is off lead. 

Industry Leading BT7 Bark Collar  

Hidden Fence provides the BT7 Bark Collar as an industry-leading example of what anti bark collars should be. It is feature packed to ensure effective and successful training of your dog’s excessive barking behaviour.

The collar itself is lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable so it will survive the activities of even the most adventurous dog while they won’t even know they are wearing it. The BT7 has 15 levels of TENS feedback within 5 settings so it can be easily adjusted to suit your dog’s breed and temperament to ensure the right response. 

A Bark counter provides feedback to you about your dog’s behaviour by reporting how many times the collar has activated and the bark forgiveness feature means your dog is still allowed to bark – just not excessively. 

Most owners of modern e-collars like the BT7 notice how quickly the dog will start to respond and adjust their behaviour after just a few activations. 

Given the significant differences in technology, approach and sophistication between old-fashioned shock collars and modern e-collars, it is certainly time to leave the outdated terminology in the past. Visit the Hidden Fence website or speak to their team to discuss their range of e-collars and invisible fence products.