What Is An Electronic Cat Containment System?

If you have ever tried to train or deter your cat from entering an area of your home or from bolting out the door the second you open it, then you know how challenging it can be. Cats are often stubbornly independent and training them can be extremely challenging.  Fortunately, there are invisible cat fence solutions available. 

An invisible cat fence is a technological solution to containing your cat and keeping it from entering or exit areas that you don’t want it to go. Also referred to as a wireless cat fence, they give pet owners peace of mind that their cats will be kept safe and contained where you want them. 

electric cat fence wireless

How does an invisible fence for cats work?  

An electric cat fence wireless transmitter is combined with an electric cat collar to provide an electronic stimulation to your cat that is non-harmful but acts as a deterrent to them entering an area or crossing a perimeter. 

The wireless cat fence transmitter produces an FM signal for a variable distance from the transmitter. When the cat approaches this signal the collar provides a warning through sound or vibration. If the cat persists then a small TENS stimulation is delivered to deter it from continuing closer. 

Industry-leading wireless cat fence from Hidden Fence 

Hidden Fence is a supplier of 2 wireless cat fence kits, the MB1 and MB2. Both DIY cat fence systems are wireless and rechargeable, and the MB2 invisible cat fence is extendable with a perimeter wire. 

The MB1 wireless cat fence is a rechargeable wireless disc that can be placed indoors or outdoors to deter your cat from entering a room, going through a doorway or walking through a garden bed. The electric cat fence wireless transmitter has a programmable range of between 0 and 3 meters from the device. This allows you to cover a range of areas without restricting your cat excessively. 

The system is built to the same high standards and quality as all the pet containment products sold by Hidden Fence. The MB1 wireless transmitter works with any of the electric cat collars produced by DogWatch. 

The MB2 DIY cat fence portable system has all the same high-end features as the MB1 with the added benefits of a longer range, up to 3.7m and the ability to add a 6m Perimeter wire to extend the area of deterrence or containment produced by the system. 

Training and Conditioning

When implementing your hidden fence for cats, it is important that the cat is properly trained and conditioned gradually. Hidden Fence has some great resources available to assist you and your cat in this process, but here are a few high-level steps you should undertake. 

To begin the training, it is best to start with just the transmitter on a low setting, on a surface where you don’t want the cat to go. It won’t take long for your cat to begin to learn to keep a distance from the transmitter or the training flags that come included. Over a short space of time, gradually increase the range setting on the wireless transmitter, and before long your cat will learn to avoid the transmitter and flags no matter where they are located in your house. 

The electric cat fence wireless transmitters available from Hidden Fence, either the  MB1 or MB2, are both effective options for deterring your cat from an area in or around your home.

Contact our expert professionals at Hidden Fence or order online the most suitable pet containment solutions for you and your cat.

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