Do in ground pet fences work?

In ground pet fences are becoming more popular as pet owners embrace technology to contain their pets and keep them safe. In-ground pet fences are known by many names: underground fences, invisible fences, hidden fences, electric fences (although not an accurate name) and wireless dog fences.

There has been quite a bit of criticism around the effectiveness of these types of pet fences, with some owners reporting in ground dog fences not as effective as they had hoped, or worse only distressing their dog. These are very real and worrying concerns and we find it a travesty they occur when they could have been prevented with proper training at the outset.

At Hidden Fence we offer professional installation and training with all our hidden dog fence systems. The training is conducted in a fun and playful way with lots of positive reinforcement and conditioning for you and your dog. The training not only trains the dog (or cat) about the hidden dog or cat fence, but trains the owner too. This training is essential to ensure the success of the hidden fence and the well being of your pet.

Hidden Fence does also provide DIY in-ground dog and cat fences for purchase online. They are supported with access to instructional and training videos to ensure the optimum use of your electronic dog or cat fence. Of course, if you have any questions we are happy to help.

Have a look at one of our training videos here:

More specific videos about other features of our dogwatch hidden fence system can be found at :

In ground pet fences really do work as long as they are supported with the proper training. If you are thinking about a hidden dog or cat fence system, give us a call and let us take care of the rest for you.

In ground Pet Fences