Do barking collars really work for dogs?

Anti Barking training collar

Barking collars can be very effective in controlling excessive barking in dogs. The term dog “barking collar,” would perhaps be better reframed as “anti-barking collar.” There are actually many different types of dog barking collars around – all work a little differently with varying degrees of effectiveness. In the market today they are known as electronic dog collars.

Before considering using a dog barking collar, it is important to look at the underlying reason for the barking and if possible address it. For example, if your dog is barking due to separation anxiety, try gradually easing them into increased periods of absence, working from home or taking them with you. If your dog is barking to notify you something unusual is happening, this can actually be a good thing. The trick is to acknowledge your dog and let them know you have heard them and they don’t need to keep barking. Gradually they will learn what is acceptable behaviour.

A good dog barking collar will actually allow the dog to bark for a short period of time before reminding them it is time to stop. Barking is normal behaviour for your dog. Barking only becomes a problem when it is excessive or continuous.

Training is definitely the key to the success of barking collars. There are various ways a dog barking collar can be used. After an initial training period and lots of positive reinforcement, many dog owners only put the barking collar on their dog when they are away from home. Sometimes intervention with a barking collar is so effective that it does not need to be worn regularly, instead only reintroducing the barking collar if behaviour reverts to excessive barking levels. The important thing to remember is barking collars should not be seen as a stand-alone or set and forget solution to excessive barking. Always try to address the underlying cause of the barking and continue the usual training approaches.

If you are looking for a barking collar make sure you look for one with built-in safety features and adjustable settings. Every dog is different so bark training settings need to be adjustable to address various behaviours, sizes and breeds of dogs. Bark counters, bark forgiveness and reset features are the type of functions you should be looking for. Our BT7 no-bark trainer has all of these features and more.

If you are thinking about a dog barking collar for your dog, please contact us to discuss the options and determine if a dog barking collar is right for your dog and your situation.