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Additional Receiver Collar for Medium to Large Dogs – DogWatch ® R9


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The ultimate Dog Fence collar, timid or stubborn, the best collar on the market…full stop!

  • 2 Year Replaceable Battery
  • 7 Stimulation Levels
  • TattleTale – LED alert if challenging boundary
  • 5-year Warranty

Subtle…Powerful…No Competition in its Class…

Feature Summary: Programmable Software, WaterProof, Small, Longest Battery Life in the industry, and more…see below.

Hidden Fence brand® Professional Series R9 Receiver Collar is a “state-of-the-art” dog fence collar. It masters the best of the dog containment industries technology.

Professional Series dog fence receiver collars have exclusive features, such as 20 programmable Training levels (when used with our PT series transmitter) that insures the greatest possible care with your pet, along with flexibility for your pets training.

  • 7 Levels of Stimulation (widest range)
  • 2-Year Battery Life (user replaceable)
  • TattleTale®
  • Low Battery Light
  • FastReact®
  • Waterproof
  • SafeLink FM Digital®
  • 8khz or 4khz



  • Safelink® FM Digital Signal – EXCLUSIVE and PATENTED
    Only the Hidden Fence brand® receiver collar uses a coded DM (digital modulated)/FM digital signal. This insures to minimise unintentionally correcting your pet, unlike ALL other Dog fence AM receivers (DIY) which can activate without warning and inconsistently around the boundary; a specific characteristic of cheap electric dog fence kits from China.
  • AutoMemory ® – EXCLUSIVE and PATENTED
    Constantly monitors your pets movements at the dog fence boundary and automatically adjusts the training level, if necessary. This feature is recommended for Stubborn or highly prey driven breeds.
  • FastReact ® – EXCLUSIVE
    Fastest reaction time in the industry. If your pet should challenge the boundary at full speed, it reacts in 0.125 seconds. FastReact bypasses the Tone prior to correction feature if the dog is challenging the boundary with intent to escape.
  • TattleTale – EXCLUSIVE and PATENTED
    An LED alerts the pet owner if the pet has been challenging the boundary during the day. An automatic reset happens within a 24-hour period. No more secrets.
  • 2 – Year Battery Life – EXCLUSIVE
    R9 dog receiver collars have a user replaceable battery life of 2-Years. Battery life is a primary reason why a pet would challenge and potentially escape the boundary area. Batteries are not proprietary so you’re not bound to buy Hidden Fence brand batteries.
  • Omni-Directional Antenna
    Three antenna system software assures best possible receiver reception no matter how the pet approaches the boundary.
  • Programmable Software – EXCLUSIVE
    Hidden Fence receivers can be individually programmed in any application for any breed. Receivers have 20 training / correction levels that can match any behaviour or temperament. Kv (kilovolts) levels and Pulses Per Second all can be tailored to suit the softest temperament, or programmed to influence the toughest and strongest of any breed. GUARANTEED.
  • High Impact/Chew Proof and Waterproof Case
    Designed and manufactured to withstand harsh outdoor elements and rigorous playing. Receivers ARE waterproof and carry the only dog chew warranty in the industry.
  • Animal Welfare Automatic Receiver Shutdown
    Protects your pet against over-correction if your pet can’t retreat from the signal field. Engineered to carefully consider “flight response times”.
  • 5 Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
    Honoured worldwide through over 300 distributors. Warranty covers Dog Chews as well.


R9 Programmable Dog Fence Collar Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 55mm x 34mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Battery: One Lithium 3.6 volt  SAFT
  • Battery life: 2-Years – non-specific activity
  • Collar Strap sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX- Large
  • Reaction Time: 1/8th of 1 second (fastest in the industry) Patented
  • Digital Signal: FM – FSK Waveform (frequency Shift Keying) – Patented
  • Khz: 8 and 4
  • Correction Auto Shutdown: Dog Fence Receiver stimulation shuts down after 15 sec. Automatic and instant reset.
  • Correction Output: 20 (.75kv to 6.9kv) 4 variable PPS (pulses per second) settings
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Output: High Impedience (complies with ECMA standards)
  • TattleTale: Alerts customer via LED if pet has attempted to escape the boundary – Patented
  • Software – Self diagnostic, Alert Enabled, Crisis Self Adjust – Patented
  • Dog Chew Warranty: Yes
  • Case Material: Fiberglass infused-PolyCarbonate construction

Additional information

Weight 0.2000000 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 cm
Collar Colour

Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Mango


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