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Cat Indoor System

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The wireless transmitter will activate the cat’s receiver collar and give him a sound warning to let him know he needs to back away, if your cat continues forward, the cat collar will give him a harmless little “zap” to influence him.

The same wireless transmitter can be used with wire as well!!! With purchasing wire, you can protect a large defined indoor area or object. Some customers have found that running the wire under an “L” shaped sofa, has worked perfectly!!

The wireless function can protect up to nearly 3m of spherical diameter distance from the unit! Heaps of space!

Hidden Fence brand wireless /wired cat fence or cat avoidance zone is a portable Indoor Solution can be used to protect a room or area you want your pet to avoid. You can even use the wireless cat fence near doorways to prevent your cat from bolting out the door or jumping on the kitchen bench.

The IB200 Wireless Cat Fence is a professional grade product with the same engineering focus as our containment solutions for outdoors.

Each wireless cat fence can be programmed to work with the Hidden Fence dog fence and cat Fence receiver collars manufactured by DogWatch, inc.


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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 10 cm


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