What is a dog boundary collar?

Dog boundary collars are a relatively new method of containment for dogs. Over the last decade, the use of dog boundary collars has increased dramatically to provide an invisible fencing system for dogs. There are many different types of dog boundary collars so it is important to choose a system that fits in with your lifestyle and the needs of your dog.

A dog boundary collar is basically a system that includes an invisible fence on the boundary of the property (sometimes referred to as an electric fence) combined with a receiver collar your dog wears to receive an audible and electronic stimulus to warn them they are approaching their no go zones.

Dog boundary collars provide an alternative to traditional dog fencing. The most significant difference is they provide a boundary fence that is invisible, which has many practical and aesthetic benefits. The boundary or perimeter fence in a dog boundary collar system consists of a wire buried under the ground or attached to existing structures that are attached to a transmitter. The transmitter sends warning signals to your dog’s collar when they approach too closely. The proximity of the dog to the buried boundary wire is detected via the proximity of the collar.

Dog boundary collars are known by many other names. Most commonly they are called electric dog fences. This term is not exactly an accurate representation but the name persists anyway. With the increased use of technology, dog owners will often refer to a dog boundary collar system as a virtual dog fence or an invisible dog fence. Other terms include a wireless dog fence, Intelligent dog fence and electronic fence for dogs. All terms provide a hint about how the hidden containment system works.

Whatever dog boundary/collar system you choose, it is essential to train your pet well around the parameters of the boundary system. Ideally, invest in some professional training for yourself and your dog. For more information about training go to https://hiddenfence.com.au/remote-trainer-training-tips/

If you are looking for an invisible containment fence for your dog we recommend the “dogwatch range” of hidden fences. There is a range of different options and configurations available, so talk to us about the possibilities or visit https://hiddenfence.com.au/configure-hidden-fence-system/ to design your own system.

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