What are dog training collars and how do they work?

Dog training collars have become a very popular adjunct to traditional dog training methods.

Dog training collars can be used to assist dog trainers to improve communication with their dogs. Dog training collars come in a variety of options, each with its own unique features.

Professional dog trainers, as well as everyday Mum and Dad pet owners, use dog training collars to help encourage positive behaviour. For example, the Big Leash Remote Dog Training Collar has been used by professional dog trainers to help train police dogs. The training collar helps improve communication between the handler and the dog.

Here we examine three types of dog training collars, each with its own specific purpose.

No Bark Dog Training Collar

The no-bark training collar is perhaps the most well known. No bark training collars are sometimes referred to as anti-barking collars or ironically, barking collars. Their purpose is to train your dog to bark appropriately. The Bark Collar effectively trains your dog to learn that there are limits to barking and quickly reduces and eliminates excessive barking behaviour.

Anti-barking collars have been around for a while now, initially with some rather dodgy varieties on offer. Fortunately, these barking collars are better regulated now and there are protections built into the barking collars to prevent your dog from being harmed in the event of continuous distressed barking.

Our anti-barking collar minimises annoying and problematic barking while still allowing your dog to be a dog.

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Remote Control Dog Training Collars

Remote control dog training collars provide valuable assistance to dog trainers. As the name suggests, a remote sends a wireless radio signal to the dog as part of an operant conditioning training program. Some have a range of up to 800metres, allowing the dog a lot of freedom while still being in communication with its owner.

Remote control training collars aim to improve communication between the pet owner and dog. Poor communication is at the heart of most behavioural problems. Remote control training collars help solve these problems by conditioning the dog to respond to commands. This conditioning is done alongside normal training and positive reinforcement methods. The stimulus sent by the remote to the collar draws the dogs attention back to the owner and commands, allowing them to respond and receive positive reinforcement for their modified behaviour.

The success of the system is indicated by the reduced need for remote-controlled signals to your dog.

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Walking Dog Training Collar

This product is a safe and better alternative to using a halter collar or choke collar. The variable vibration or e-stimulation can determine how much the dog pulls while walking, then make equal and subtle stimulation adjustments to minimise pulling on the lead.

The collar works sensing when your dog is pulling too much and delivers variable vibration or e-stimulation to minimise pulling. Results are usually evident on the first outing or training walk.

The DogWatch Side Walker is a dog training collar available through Hidden Fence and is highly recommended for exuberant dogs.

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If you have any questions about any of these dog training collars feel free to contact us for more information.