What’s The Best Pet Fence For A Dog?

How many times have you had to retrieve your dog from the local animal shelter, vet or even neighbour’s house because they escaped while you were out? Dogs can be good at escaping, excellent at digging and some are also talented climbers. Once your dog has dug a hole under the pet fence it can be very difficult to contain them in the future. The hole creates a weak point that you promptly block with whatever solid debris you can find around the house. But they can always dig a new hole or find a way through the items you used.

Alternatively, maybe your dog isn’t escaping but you want to find a solution to keep them from digging up the garden or just keeping them out of areas of the yard. This can be very difficult to achieve without ruining the aesthetic of the yard.

Purchasing a traditional dog fence or pet fence from Bunnings usually involves a chainlink wire or wooden lattice fence. But after you have tried these solutions, you have probably found them to be just as ineffective as a standard fence. Dogs can still dig under them and if they are sectioning an area of your yard then they will impact the appearance and functionality of your yard.

The solution you need to be investing in is an electric fence or also known as an invisible dog fence. But what is an invisible dog fence and where do you purchase them from?

An invisible dog fence is a versatile and adaptable solution that is highly effective at keeping a dog contained within an area. An electric pet fence works through a combination of three primary elements. An FM transmitter, a perimeter wire and an electronic collar.

A trip in the car to buy an electric dog fence from Bunnings reveals that an electric fence for dogs is not something that is sold at Bunnings but instead should be sourced from a  specialist retailer like Hidden Fence.

Invisible dog fences are not sold at stores like Bunnings because like most electronic dog collars and electric dog fences, they are regulated across Australia with different levels of regulations between the states. Hidden Fence is therefore a better option for purchasing an invisible dog fence than Bunnings.

Installation of an electric or invisible dog fence can either be done DIY or through professional installation. Whichever option you choose to go with, the perimeter wire is placed around the yard or area where you want to keep the dog contained. This wire is connected to the FM transmitter and the electric dog collar is fitted to your dog. It is important to understand local regulations regarding electric dog collars in Australia.

When the dog wearing the electronic collar approaches the perimeter it is first audibly warned and then if the dog persists towards the perimeter it is given a non-harmful electronic stimulus from the collar.

Professional installation is the preferred option for larger or more complex yards and for dogs that may need more sophisticated training to adjust to the electronic dog collar.

Hidden Fence has a team of professionals who specialise in the installation of invisible fence systems and the appropriate training of dogs. The DogWatch product that they provide is market-leading, long-lasting and should not be confused with cheaper,  inferior imported products. If you are relying on an invisible pet system to keep your pet contained, then you shouldn’t take chances. Contact Hidden Fence today to discuss either DIY or Professional installation of the DogWatch invisible fence solution. Read more about how our invisible fence systems work here.