What Are The Most Popular Types of Dog Training Collars in Australia?

Training your pet requires patience, practice and consistency. It can be very difficult to maintain this especially if you work long hours, aren’t as mobile as you wish or perhaps not yet very experienced in dog training. Fortunately, the experts have you covered. Dog trainer collars are the perfect solution and with multiple options available there is one suitable for every training situation. 

Hidden Fence is a leading supplier of dog collars in Australia. The Hidden Fence team are experts at training dogs and are well experienced in including electronic dog collars in their training regimes. Modern electronic dog collars are nothing like the older dog shock collars or electric dog collars. Instead of delivering an electric shock, dog trainer collars deliver either a vibration or electronic stimulus to your pet discouraging the undesired behaviour. 

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Here are some of the ways an electronic training collar can assist in correcting your dog’s undesirable behaviours. 


All dogs bark, it is their way of communicating. However, some dogs bark excessively, and this excessive barking can cause problems. Most people who are members of their local community Facebook groups would have seen posts complaining about dogs barking. They are often thinly veiled threats from neighbours who are frustrated by dogs who seem to never stop barking. This isn’t the owner’s fault, people have to work and can’t supervise their pets all day long. However, excessive barking is just as bad for your dog as it is for your neighbours. Excessive barking can stress your dog, give them anxiety and impact their health. 

Previously excessive barking was solved by using electric or shock collars. These collars were crude devices that are generally banned in most of Australia. Fortunately, electronic dog collars are much more sophisticated and correct excessive barking behaviours with vibration or non-harmful electronic stimulus. 

Hidden Fence is a leading supplier in Australia of anti-bark collars. The DogWatch BT7 bark collar is a feature-packed electronic collar that is far superior to the electric dog collars previously available in Australia. This dog training collar has 7 adjustable settings including vibration, progressive levels of stimulation and bark forgiveness so that the electronic stimulus resets once the dog finishes barking. 


All pet owners dream of being able to safely let their dog off-leash. Australia has loads of beautiful places where dogs would love to roam, from the local dog park to the dog beach or even open countryside. Most owners however lack the confidence, and their dogs lack the training to be allowed off-leash. 

The key training requirement of allowing your dog off-leash is your ability to communicate with them and especially recall them when required. Dog training collars with remote functionality are perfect for this situation. The BigLeash dog trainer collar is used throughout  Australia to keep you in touch with your dog while they are off lead. Features of the 

BigLeash include 15 levels of stimulation, remote-activated LED lights, an 800m range and a detailed LCD. 

When combined with other training techniques, including positive rewards, a dog training collar will ensure your dog recalls the first time every time, keeping your pet safe and away from dangerous situations. 


Finally, modern electric dog collars or electronic training collars are well suited to assist with walking your dog. Walking your dog is good for both your health and theirs. It can be difficult, especially for larger breeds that pull on the leash to be regularly walked. Hidden Fence is a stockist of the SideWalker dog training collar which is specifically designed to improve a dog’s behaviour while walking on a leash. 

The SideWalker is designed to provide electronic stimulus to your dog when they are excessively pulling on the lead. By doing so the dog trainer collar quickly corrects your dog’s behaviour and makes leash pulling a thing of the past. 

Dog training collars are commonly used across Australia to correct excessive and undesirable behaviours. These behaviours are frustrating for yourself or your neighbours and stressful for your pet. Electronic collars can be used to correct excessive barking, poor recall when off-leash and leash pulling while walking. Hidden Fence is a leading Australian supplier of electronic dog collars, so contact them today.