How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking By Using Anti-barking Collars

All dog owners love their pets. They love the company, the affection and the joy that their dogs bring them. Very few owners like to see their dogs stressed or anxious from excessive barking. A dog anti-bark collar is the ideal solution to this problem. Anti-bark collar support your dog by discouraging and correcting these behaviours. This is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to get from anxious excessive barking to a calmer happier dog. 

Step 1: Decide to buy an anti-barking collar 

The first step is to decide to purchase an anti-bark collar. If you are unsure, it is important to understand that modern anti-bark collars are nothing like the old electric collars or shock collars from the past. 

Instead, dog anti-bark collars like those provided by Hidden Fence provide a non-harmful electronic stimulus to the dog which breaks the cycle of negative behaviour. Purchasing one of these anti-bark collars is one of the best ways to correct excessive barking with most dog owners noticing results almost immediately. 

Step 2: Understand your local regulations for bark dog collars in Australia 

Many training dog collars in Australia are regulated. The exact regulations however vary from state to state and it is important to familiarise yourself with those regulations before making your purchase. Regulations vary from no restrictions at all to requiring professional training to be used. For full details about the regulation on anti-bark dog collars in Australia  please visit this page: 

dog with anti-bark collar

Step 3: Where to buy an anti-barking dog collar 

Anti-barking collars should be purchased from specialist suppliers who are experts in these products. Hidden Fence is an online retailer whose team has a specialist understanding of anti-bark dog collars. They stock a range of training collars that are suitable for different situations but in particular the DogWatch BT7 bark collar. Hidden Fence has been supplying pet containment products including anti-bark collars to Australia for years. 

Step 4: What you need to do to set up the dog’s anti-bark collar 

A dog anti-bark collar is incredibly easy to set up. Simply insert the battery into the anti-barking collar and start by setting the collar to the v or vibration setting. Attach the collar to the smallest part of the dog’s neck just behind the ears. When the dog barks look for a response in the dog such as a head shake or an ear twitch. If there is no response from the dog then remove the collar increase the setting 1 level and retry. This allows you to find the right setting for your dog. 

Every dog is different but it should not take very long for the anti-bark collar to start correcting your dog’s excessive barking. 

Step 5: How does the anti-bark collar correct your dog’s behaviour 

The anti-barking collars work by delivering either a vibration or electronic signal to your dog when they engage in excessive barking behaviours. There is a delay before it triggers so it doesn’t discourage regular barking, only barking that is excessive. The electronic stimulus is non-harmful to your dog and breaks the cycle of negative behaviour. 

Step 6: Other features of anti-bark collars you need to know about 

The DogWatch BT7 dog bark collar is packed with features that assist in properly retraining your dog. This includes progressive levels of stimulus, bark forgiveness, a bark counter and 7 adjustable settings. The collar has a long-lasting battery and is also lightweight and waterproof. These features make this anti-bark dog collar ideal for all Australian dogs, large or small, indoor or outdoor. 

Step 7: Professional training options for your anti-bark collar 

For those less experienced or less confident pet owners or those with more challenging dogs, professional training is available to support anti-bark collar use. Professionals can use the collar in addition to a range of pet training and conditioning techniques to get results sooner. 

Electronic anti-bark dog collars are an effective non-harmful way of training away your dog’s excessive barking behaviours. They are designed to suit all breeds of dogs and are proven very effective in training out these negative behaviours. The DogWatch BT7 anti-bark dog collar provided by Hidden Fence is one of the most effective dog collars available in Australia. Contact Hidden Fence today to get yours.