What is the most effective cat fence barrier in Australia?

Cats are known to be escape artists. This presents a challenge for cat owners across Australia as in most places a cat must be contained and not allowed to roam freely. This is for good reason: cats that roam can harm native wildlife, harm other pets or be harmed themselves. Therefore, you need a cat containment solution that works. The most effective cat fence in Australia available on the market to keep your cat in your yard is an invisible cat fence. Hidden Fence sells a pet fence product called CatWatch which is the leading cat fence in Australia.

What is an Invisible Cat Fence? 

An invisible cat fence or cat fence barrier is an electronic system that is designed for the purpose of allowing your cat to roam freely within an area without the chance of their escape. The system consists of a cable that is installed around the perimeter of the property and is connected to a  transmitter. The cat then wears a collar which delivers a non-harmful stimulus to the cat when they approach the cable. This type of pet fence is also sometimes referred to as a cat electric fence,  although this is not an entirely accurate description. 

The boundary cable or wire of the invisible cat fence must run in a continuous loop around the perimeter to be effective. The wire itself can either be buried just below the surface, attached to a fence or laid on the ground and secured with pegs. 

The electronic collar that delivers the stimulus is worn by the cat when they are allowed to freely roam within the perimeter. 

Features of CatWatch 

CatWatch is an industry-leading invisible cat fence produced by the brand DogWatch. The CatWatch product is designed and built using the highest quality materials to ensure your Cat remains safe within your yard. 

As previously mentioned, cat fence barriers consist of a wire or cable, a transmitter, and a collar for the cat to wear. 

The transmitter in the CatWatch system allows for an adjustment to the range that the system is effective for. For example, if the system is set to a range of 1m then as the cat approaches within 1m of the perimeter wire from any direction, the collar will activate. The collar will first activate with a  warning tone and then if that cat continues with electronic stimulation. 

The ability to adjust the range of the CatWatch system makes it ideal for any size of property, from a small courtyard to much larger rural properties. 

Like most cat electric fence systems, CatWatch uses an electronic cat collar for the delivery of stimulation to your pet. The collar is designed to first make a noise as the cat approaches the perimeter and then deliver electronic stimulation if the cat continues. The collar allows for multiple levels of electronic stimulation making it suitable for all cats from the timidest to the most assertive.

The electronic stimulation provided by the CatWatch collar is a TENS or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and is therefore non-harmful to your pet. 

CatWatch Installation Options  

The CatWatch can either be installed DIY for those who are a little handy on the tools, or by a professional for those who are less capable or whose installation might be more complex. Either way, the process for installation is similar. 

The invisible cat fence installation process is just as much about training your cat as it is about the installation of the hardware. 

The 1st step is to introduce your cat to the system by training them indoors. The cat should be kept indoors for a period of a week as a way of resetting where the cat is used to travelling. During this period the transmitter should be set to Indoor mode and placed somewhere that you do not want the cat to go, such as the kitchen bench. This will allow your cat to adjust to the collar and the stimulation it will deliver. There are a few more steps to this indoor process that are included in the installation manual. The focus of the indoor training protocol however is to condition the cat without owner or human interaction, to preserve that relationship. 

Keep your cat out with cat fence

The 2nd stage is the outdoor setup. This requires you to deploy the wire or cable to the perimeter of the property and connect the system. It is important to remember that the collar will activate when within the set range of the cable or wire and not where the wire is exactly placed. 

With the system in place and your cat conditioned to it with professional or guided training, they should be able to comfortably roam freely in your backyard without being able to escape. 

If you want to allow your cat outside without them roaming the neighbourhood then you need an invisible pet fence barrier. Hidden Fence is the leading provider of cat fences in Australia. The CatWatch system is high quality and perfectly designed to keep your cat safe and secure in your home and yard. Contact Hidden Fence today to discuss either their DIY or professional installation options.