Are There Any Restrictions Around Buying Electric Dog Fences in Australia?

An electric fence for dogs is commonly wanted by pet owners who struggle to keep a man’s best friend contained in their yard. Electronic dog fences consist of 2 main components, the first is the fence which is a wire that is placed around the perimeter of the property attached to a transmitter, and the 2nd is an electronic collar that is worn by the dog. The collar delivers a TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation when your dog approaches the perimeter. This stimulus is non-harmful and feels like a vibration or tickle to your pet.


However, when purchasing devices such as electric dog fences and electric dog collars in Australia it is heavily regulated. So, before purchasing an electric dog fence from Bunnings or another retailer you need to know about the local restrictions that apply in your state or territory. 

What are the Regulations?

All of Australia’s state and territory governments have enacted legislation designed to protect animals from cruelty and harm. These legislations are slightly different from state to state, so it is important to be across your local rules before purchasing an electric fence or electric dog collar in  Australia for your pet.

South Australia, ACT and the Northern Territory are the strictest in their legislation when it comes to electric collars and fences for dogs. The ACT has a full ban on these devices, while the northern territory prevents a person from using an electrical device on an animal. South Australia prohibits people from using a collar that is designed to impart an electric shock.

Victoria’s legislation allows for the use of dog electric fences and collars so long as the dog has been trained in the use of the system.

Western Australia allows the use of an invisible pet fence/containment system if it is used within the generally accepted usage of the product.

NSW prohibits the use of electric dog collars and electric dog fences that are designed to impart an electric shock. Other electronic fences are allowed so long as they are in addition to a standard fence.

QLD has no specific restrictions on these devices.

For further information about the regulations related to electric dog collars in Australia, please visit  Disclaimers & Local Laws – Hidden Fence.

What to consider before buying?

It is important to fully consider and respect the laws of your state or territory regarding electric dog fences and electric collars. Beyond this, here are some other elements you should consider in your purchase. 

Invisible Dog Fences can be installed either professionally or DIY. The option you choose will largely be influenced by the size and complexity of your yard and your own personal DIY abilities. The electronic dog fence needs to be installed around the entire perimeter to be effective, even across driveways. Therefore, if your yard perimeter is large or complex, and your DIY skills are not up to scratch then you should consider a professional installation.

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How to best use your electronic fence?

Your electric fence won’t be as effective as it can be if you haven’t trained your pet in how it works.  You can’t let your pet just figure it out on its own. As previously stated, Victoria for example requires the dog to be professionally trained for an electric fence barrier to be used. 

As a part of their professional installation package, Hidden Fence includes training for your pet. In most circumstances following professional training your dog will avoid the electronic fence completely and the electronic stimulation from the collar will almost never be triggered.

Where to buy an electronic dog fence?

Once you have made the decision to go ahead you may be tempted to purchase your electric fence for dogs from Bunnings. However, what you’re really looking for is an electronic dog fence or invisible dog fence, and Bunnings doesn’t sell them. Instead, you should contact the team at Hidden Fence to discuss your options.


Hidden Fence is a leading supplier of electronic dog fences and electronic dog collars in Australia. The expert team at Hidden Fence can help you to navigate the local legislation around these devices and select one that is right for you and your pet. Hidden Fence has a range of Professional and Smart fence systems designed to suit any size yard and breed of dog. Contact us here.