The Difference Between Electronic Dog Collars and Electric Dog Collars

The way dogs are trained has changed over time and the dog collars that assist with this training have changed as well. The training dog collars available in Australia today are nothing like the older electric dog collars or shock collars of the past.

Electronic dog collars today are pieces of sophisticated technology that contribute positively to your dog’s training regime and assist in correcting a range of unwanted behaviours.


Difference #1: Less shock more stimulation

Traditionally, dog shock collars were aptly named for the electric shock that they delivered to your pet.  This moment of pain was intended to correct the undesirable behaviour, usually barking, that your dog was doing. Over time, dogs have moved from the backyard to the living room and become more than just pets but members of our family. As a result, electric collars or shock collars have been recognised as the cruel devices that they are and are now banned in most states of Australia.

Electronic dog collars are completely different. Instead of shocking your pet and causing them pain, an electronic collar has a range of stimuli it can deliver to your dog. Depending on the exact model, most electronic dog training collars can produce a sound, vibration or electronic stimulus. The electronic stimulus is not a shock but instead a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) signal. This same technology is used on humans regularly to treat muscle and nerve pain and therefore doesn’t hurt your pet.

Difference #2: Smarter, not dumber

Electric dog collars in Australia were not very smart devices. In most cases, they would just activate when the dog barked and give them a tiny shock. Unfortunately, shock collars were known to misfire if another nearby dog also barked which gave confusing messages to the dog on how to behave.

Modern electronic dog trainer collars are much more sophisticated. Those available from Hidden  Fence include several smart features to improve the effectiveness of the collar and the ability to be used in a range of circumstances.

For example, the dog trainer collar can be set to start at a noise or vibration and then increment to an electronic stimulation over time as the negative behaviour persists. In addition, remote dog collars such as The BigLeash by Hidden Fence allow for remote activation which assists when training your dog while off-leash.

Difference #3: More Adaptability

As previously mentioned electric dog collars in Australia were generally just anti-bark collars that delivered an electric shock to your pet whenever they barked. Modern electronic dog training collars have been developed to address a range of dog behaviours in different situations.

Hidden Fence offers a range of dog training collars including anti-bark collars, The BigLeash for remote training and the Side Walker. All 3 use the same type of electronic TENS stimulation to alter your dog’s behaviour but the trigger for each is different.

Anti-bark dog training collars trigger when your dog has been barking excessively and the stimulation increases as they continue to bark within the same period. The BigLeash is a remote dog trainer collar that allows for the remote activation of the stimulation from up to 800m away. The Side Walker is the perfect collar to correct any negative lead pulling behaviours while out on a walk.

Electric dog collars are illegal in most states of Australia and for good reason. Electronic dog collars are the modern-day solution to dog training, the non-harmful electronic stimulation is perfect for correcting your dog’s unwanted behaviours. Hidden Fence is a leading provider of electronic dog collars in Australia, with their range of training collars perfect to assist in correcting a range of different behaviours. Find out more about the range here.