Are electric dog fences portable?

Take Your Electric Dog Fence On Holidays With You
Take Your Electric Dog Fence On Holidays With You

When it comes to keeping your dog safely within your property without the need for traditional fencing, an electric dog fence installation is often the go-to solution. Unlike the harsh electric fences used on farms that deliver a strong shock, electric dog fences, or hidden dog fences, are designed with your pet’s safety in mind. These systems typically use a transmitter station, a receiver collar, and a perimeter wire cable that is discreetly buried or hidden. Additionally, some models utilise a transmitter disc to create an electronic or virtual perimeter, enhancing the system’s flexibility and portability. But are these innovative fences truly portable? Let’s jump in and find out.

What are Electric Dog Fences?

Electric dog fences, also known as invisible dog fences, are containment systems designed to keep pets within a designated area without the need for physical barriers. These systems function through a combination of a transmitter station that emits a radio signal, a receiver collar worn by the dog, and a perimeter wire that defines the boundary. When the dog approaches the boundary, the collar receives a signal from the transmitter and delivers a mild electric stimulation or auditory signal that deters the pet from crossing the perimeter.

What Types of Electric Dog Fences Are There?

The two primary types of electric dog fences are those that use a buried wire cable and those that employ a wireless transmitter disc. The wired systems are customisable to the shape of your property, while the wireless models offer the convenience of setting up a circular boundary without physically installing wires. We also think about outdoor electric dog fences and indoor electric dog fences. Both settings can utilise either a wire cable perimeter, a virtual perimeter created by a disc or a combination of both approaches.

Electric Dog Fence Installation
Electric Dog Fence Installation

Is Installation of an Electric Dog Fence Easy?

Electric dog fence installation can be straightforward, especially with wireless models that require minimal setup.Simply place the transmitter disc at a suitable location, adjust the radius, and it’s ready. For wired models, installation involves burying the perimeter wire around the desired containment area. This process can be more labour-intensive but offers greater flexibility in shaping the boundary.

Dog Fence Boundary Cable
Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter

Does Hidden Fence Offer Professional Installation?

Hidden Fence provides professional electric dog fence installation services for those who prefer not to undertake the installation themselves. Our team of experts ensures that your Hidden Fence containment system is set up correctly and efficiently, guaranteeing optimal functionality and peace of mind.

Can I DIY Install an Electric Dog Fence?

Absolutely! DIY electric dog fence installation is a viable option for many dog owners. Whether you choose a model with a perimeter wire or a wireless system, the installation can generally be completed with common household tools and a bit of time. This approach saves installation costs and allows you to customise the system to your needs.

What are the Advantages of Transmission Discs?

Wireless Electric Dog Fence Installation

Transmission discs offer significant advantages for those seeking a portable electric dog fence. These devices are ideal for renters, transient workers, and holidaymakers because they can easily be moved and reinstalled at a new location without any need for digging or wire laying. Their ease of setup and adjustment to different ranges makes them highly versatile and user-friendly.

Spotlight on the PT5 Professional Smart Fence Dog Containment System from Hidden Fence

The PT5 Smart Fence and Professional Dog Containment System is an exemplary model available through Hidden Fence. Designed with cutting-edge technology and interfaced with your smartphone, this system offers robust reliability and can be tailored to both large and small properties.

Both indoor and outdoor electric dog fences are remarkably portable and can be installed either through DIY efforts or with the help of professional electric dog fence installation services. Whether you’re setting up a permanent installation at your primary residence or need a temporary setup while on vacation, electric dog fences offer an effective and flexible solution to pet containment. With options like the PT5 Smart Fence Containment System, you can ensure your pet’s safety and your peace of mind wherever you may be.