What is the cheapest way to dog proof a fence?

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This dog fence won’t keep me in!

When it comes to keeping your dog safely within the boundaries of your property, the integrity and effectiveness of your dog fence are paramount. For many pet owners, the challenge isn’t just about installing a new dog fence but finding cost-effective ways to enhance an existing one that may not be holding up to their four-legged friends’ clever escapades. Whether your dog is jumping over, digging under, or pushing through the fence, upgrading your property doesn’t have to be an expensive or unattainable task.

Understand Your Current Dog Fence’s Weaknesses

Electronic Dog Fence

Before exploring solutions, evaluating why your current dog fence isn’t dog-proof is crucial. Common problems include gaps, weak spots where dogs can push through, or simply not being high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over. These issues often make a traditional dog fence less effective, prompting owners to seek more innovative solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Enhance Dog Fences

Building a completely new dog fence can be a daunting financial and time-consuming endeavour, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Further, for renters, permanent solutions like a new fence are often not viable options due to restrictions or the need for landlord permissions. Here’s where technology comes in to offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Embracing Technology: The Electronic Dog Fence

Electronic dog fences have evolved significantly and now present a highly adaptable and cost-effective solution for dog owners. Unlike traditional fences, an electronic dog fence can be configured to fit any property size and perimeter shape at a fraction of the cost of constructing a new fence.

The setup involves a perimeter wire that is typically buried just below the surface. This creates a virtual barrier and ensures that your yard retains its aesthetic appeal without the visible clutter of a physical fence. 

Professional Dog Fence Installation
Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter

Hidden Fence offers a variety of electronic dog fences that are perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and those preferring professional installation. Our Dog Watch Containment System is perfect for most settings.

Watch the video of our Hidden Dog Fence in Action:

Hidden Dog Fence by Dogwatch

Advantages of Hidden Fence’s Electronic Dog Fences

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Installing an electronic dog fence from Hidden Fence is considerably cheaper than building new physical barriers.
  2. Aesthetics: Since the perimeter wire is buried, your property’s beauty is not compromised.
  3. Flexibility: Tailored to fit any shape and size of property, ensuring that your dog fence is effective regardless of the layout and terrain of your land.
  4. Professional Installation and Training: Hidden Fence offers professional installation across Australia and also provides training sessions for you and your dog, facilitating a smooth transition to the new system.
  5. Advanced Technology: Modern electronic dog fences include features like cloud-initiated safety notifications, which can be sent directly to your mobile phone and other devices, enhancing the security and management of your pet’s boundaries.

Why Choose Hidden Fence?

With distributors across Australia, Hidden Fence’s network ensures that professional help is always within reach. The DIY options are also robust, supported by detailed guides and customer support, making the installation process straightforward and user-friendly.

An electronic dog fence from Hidden Fence represents the most practical and economical solution for dog owners facing the dilemma of an ineffective fence. Not only does it prevent the need for expensive physical barriers, but it also incorporates the latest in pet management technology, making it a superior choice for modern pet safety and care.

Explore the full range of electronic dog fences from Hidden Fence to find the perfect fit for your needs and ensure your beloved pet stays safe and sound within the comforts of your home.