Do cat collars deliver a shock?

cat shock collar

As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the safety and comfort of your cat is paramount. A cat collar from Hidden Fence is a key tool for managing where your cat can go, especially concerning potential hazards. Many cat owners ask: Do these cat collars deliver a shock? Here, we delve into the technology behind the cat shock collar and its safe use.

Understanding the Cat Collar from Hidden Fence

The cat collar provided by Hidden Fence has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe and comfortable for your cat. These collars use an electronic stimulus to manage your cat’s movement near predefined boundaries. It’s important to clarify that while often referred to inaccurately as “cat shock collars,” the sensation delivered is designed to be safe and not harmful.

How Does a Cat Collar Work?

Cat Shock Collar for indoor use

When your cat approaches a virtual boundary, the cat collar emits a stimulus similar to the sensation produced by a TENS machine or the static electricity shock experienced from touching a balloon or car door handle. This sensation is strong enough to distract your cat but not cause any harm or distress. This approach encourages your cat to avoid certain areas, such as dining room tables, effectively modifying its behaviour without discomfort.

Cat shock collar for outdoor use

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The flexibility of the cat “shock” collar system is one of its major advantages. Whether indoors or outdoors, these collars help manage your cat’s movements. Outdoors, a wire cable connected to a base station creates a virtual boundary. If your cat gets too close to this boundary, the cat collar reacts to keep your pet within safe limits. Specific areas like fish ponds or bird cages can also be safeguarded with transmitter discs that signal the cat collar.

The cat collar works similarly indoors. Transmitter discs can be placed to prevent your cat from accessing areas like couches, dining tables, or other off-limits zones, ensuring your home remains orderly and your cat stays safe.

Features of Hidden Fence’s Cat Collar

Hidden Fence’s signature cat collar, manufactured by Catwatch, is a leading solution in pet safety and features:

  • Programmable Software: Tailor the collar settings to suit your cat’s temperament and your specific needs.
  • Waterproof Collar: Designed for all weather conditions, ensuring indoor or outdoor functionality.
  • Long Battery Life: The collar’s battery can last up to six months and is user-replaceable.
  • Safety Features: The collar is equipped with FM Digital Software by SafeLink® and Speed Detect FastReact® Software, which enhances its responsiveness and reliability.

Why Choose Hidden Fence?

Hidden Fence is an industry leader and a trusted name in pet safety solutions. With options for DIY or professional installation and a comprehensive 3-year warranty, cat owners can feel confident about the quality and effectiveness of their cat collar. Additionally, the system is designed to work with any breed and size of cat, from a Burmese to a Maine Coon.

In summary, while the term “cat shock collar” might be commonly used, it does not accurately describe the safe, humane electronic stimulus provided by the cat collar from Hidden Fence. Designed to be a gentle reminder and training tool rather than a harsh deterrent, these collars are an excellent choice for keeping your beloved pet safe while respecting their comfort. 

Explore the range and benefits of the Catwatch® DIY Cat Containment System from Hidden Fence and discover how it can provide peace of mind and safety for your furry friend.

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