Do Electric Fences Work for Cats?

Wireless cat fence

If you are a cat owner who has not tried an electric or wireless cat fence before, you would probably be surprised to hear that electric or invisible fences work and when introduced properly to your cat and they are highly effective. Before we get into any details of the proper training protocols that should be followed, it is important to understand what an electric cat fence is.

A wireless cat fence, also known as an electric or invisible cat fence, is a system to keep your cat  contained within an area or deter your cat from entering an area. The system combines multiple  components to keep your cat safe and secure.

The primary component of the system is an electric cat fence wireless transmitter. Depending on the  exact system you select, this wireless transmitter needs to be either plugged in or recharged. This  transmitter produces an FM signal within a configurable perimeter around the device and the connected perimeter wire. This electric cat fence wireless signal interacts with a collar that is fitted  to your cat. This collar delivers a range of stimulus to your cat as they approach the transmitter or  boundary cable. This stimulus includes sound, vibration and electronic TENS stimulus. 

The perimeter wire needs to be installed around your yard or property to be effective. Because cats are natural climbers, the wire should ideally be installed in an elevated position to prevent jumping or  climbing over it.

Electric cat fence wireless

A key component of the system installation to ensure it is effective, is the training protocol that is used to condition your cat and get it adjusted. The training protocol provided by Hidden Fence was developed in 2003 and since then has been used to train cats about hidden fences in Australia, the UK and the United States. When done properly, the cat training protocol has a 99% success rate.

The idea behind the training protocol is to gradually introduce your cat to the collar and the functioning of the invisible fence for cats. Here are the steps to follow:

STEP 1. Before installing the system outside, set the transmitter to the INT or Internal setting and place it on a surface in your home where you do not want the cat to go. Use the electric cat  collar to identify the range of the transmitter and place a training flag 100mm inside of the range.

STEP 2. While holding your cat at chest height, demonstrate to them the collar approaching the flag  triggering the noise stimulus. When the collar makes a noise, shake the flag. Repeat this until the cat associates the flag shaking and the noise as the same.

STEP 3. Place a trail of food that is appealing to the cat but NOT their cat food leading towards the  system. Repeat this every day for 1 week. As the cat finds the food and eats towards the wireless  transmitter, eventually the collar will activate, deterring them from proceeding any further.

STEP 4. Install the system outside.

Hidden Fence is a stockist of the CatWatch DIY cat fence system. The system includes everything you  need to keep your cat safe and secure in the backyard. The DIY cat fence system includes a  waterproof collar, electric cat fence wireless transmitter and 150m of perimeter cable. When  installed in conjunction with the training protocol briefly outlined above, it will allow you to let your cat  outside without fear that they will escape your yard and roam the neighbourhood.

Contact Hidden Fence today to find out more about how an electric cat fence can be used to keep your cat safe and secure in your backyard.