Which Electric Dog Fence is Best?

dog electric fence

When considering purchasing a dog electric fence or hidden dog fence as it is also known, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the options available. Ultimately though, the best electric dog fence is the one that best suits your personal situation. This is determined by your breed and size of the dog and the yard or area where you want to keep the dog contained.

Hidden Fence steps their customers through a process to identify the right invisible fence system for  them.

The design of your new hidden fence process begins by selecting between a standard,  premium and SmartFence system.

The standard system is the Hidden Fence introductory product; it includes everything you need to get started and keep your pet secure within your yard. The standard hidden dog fence system comes with a 3-year warranty. 

The Premium dog electric fence with a 5 year warranty uses professional-grade components to safely secure and contain even the most stubborn and determined dog. 

Finally, the SmartFence system integrates a traditional dog electric fence with a smartphone app.  This provides additional monitoring and notification features such as monitoring your dog’s activity levels, and the system’s status and receiving relevant text message notifications.

The 2nd stage in the design of your new hidden fence process is to provide how many dogs the system will be used for and their names. Each dog will require a collar for the pet electric fence to work on them.

The 3rd stage is to select the collar size and colour for your pet. The collar needs to fit your dog well  and you are given a choice of 6 colours to choose from.

A key component of the dog electric fence is the perimeter or boundary wire. This wire needs to be  placed around the whole perimeter of the property or the area where you want to keep the dog  contained. Any gaps in this wire create an opportunity for a section where your dog could escape.

In the 4th stage of designing your hidden fence, you are required to enter either the amount of cable  you need in metres or the size of your property in acres.

Finally, there is an option to either select a DIY dog fence or a professional installation. The right  choice here depends on you, your DIY abilities and the complexity of the required installation. Given the importance of installing the system correctly for it to be effective, it must be done right.  Professional installation will ensure that the system encloses the yard correctly and that your pet is properly conditioned on how to use the fence from the beginning.

While throughout this article the terms hidden fence, invisible fence and electric fence are used  interchangeably these are not electric fences like those used in agriculture. There is no electric current running along the wire that will deliver a shock if you come in contact with it. The wire is used to generate a frequency that triggers the electronic stimulus on the dog collar.

If you want to find the right dog electric fence for your situation then visit https://hiddenfence.com.au/configure-hidden-fence-system/ and step through the process to design your new system. Hidden Fence is committed to only stocking the highest quality of products and ensuring our customers have an effective system to keep their pets safe and contained.