How Do You Stop Nuisance Barking?

Without a doubt you love your dog; they are a member of your family after all. Chances are though, if  you want to know the answer to the above question, then you would love them a bit more if they barked a bit less. So how do you stop nuisance barking? Well first let’s understand why dogs bark in the first  place, then discuss e collars vs shock collars

Barking is a dog’s primary form of communication. Dogs bark for lots of reasons including to express  emotions such as being bored, frustrated or angry, calling out to other dogs, getting their owner’s attention, being territorial and many others. A dog barking is therefore completely normal and you  should never seek to eliminate the behaviour. However, when dogs bark excessively it can stress them out, leave you frustrated and annoy the neighbours. Fortunately, there are options available to curb this behaviour.

Dogs respond incredibly well to conditional training: this is one of the reasons they have been integrated into our lives for thousands of years. However, correcting behaviours like nuisance barking requires consistent and repetitive training. 

Electronic collars or e-collars, are a solution to consistently correct this behaviour. An e-collar is not what you might think and there is a lot of misinformation when comparing an e collar vs shock collar. Shock collars are antiquated technology that delivered an electric shock to your dog when it barked. By comparison, an e-collar uses sophisticated technology to deliver a configurable TENS stimulation to your dog that is non-harmful. Comparing an e collar vs shock collar is therefore in no way an equal comparison.

Hidden Fence is a supplier of the dog Bark Collar BT7 from DogWatch that is packed with sophisticated features that only further highlight the differences between an e collar vs shock collar.  The BT7 anti-bark collar is lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable with 15 levels of stimulation across 5 settings. It can be configured to deliver either vibration or electronic TENS stimulation. This  makes the anti-bark collar ideal to be used with any size or breed of dog. 

Stop nuisance barking with an electronic dog bark collar

The bark forgiveness allows your dog to still bark to communicate while discouraging excessive and  nuisance barking. This means there is a brief delay before the collar activates and either vibrates or uses electronic stimulation to discourage further barking.

Finally, a bark counter allows you to stay informed about how many times the device is activating and needing to correct the disruptive barking behaviour. Over time most dog owners can expect this number to decrease as the dog’s barking behaviour is corrected.

A shock collar is therefore not an accurate description for modern anti-bark dog collars. Shock collars are often considered cruel devices and the legislation across the states and territories of Australia reflect this. E collars cause no harm to your dog but are proven time and again to be effective at  discouraging negative and nuisance behaviours.

The comparison of an e collar vs shock collar is not valid for those who have used an e-collar before. Electronic collars are more sophisticated and effective at correcting your dog’s negative barking behaviours without harming them. Contact Hidden Fence and consider the BT7 Bark Collar  to correct your dog’s nuisance barking.