Dog Boundary Collar, What is it?

Dog Boundary Collar

If you have found yourself reading this article then you probably want to know, what is a boundary collar? Well to put it simply, a dog boundary collar is one part of an electronic dog fence or invisible dogs fence system that keeps a dog safe and secure within your yard. These systems are designed to keep even the most determined dogs contained within even the most challenging yards to secure. Instead of relying on a physical barrier like a timber, brick or wire fence, an electronic dog fence uses technology and training to keep your dog or even cat safe.

Also known as an electric dog fence, the systems are available in configurations for either outdoor or indoor use. Outdoor systems rely on 3 main components to contain your pet. These include the boundary or electronic collar, an FM transmitter and a perimeter wire. The perimeter wire is installed around the area to be secured, usually just underground and connected to the FM transmitter. The dog wears the dog boundary collar and when it approaches the perimeter wire it receives a configurable electronic stimulus in the form of noise, vibration or TENS stimulation. TEN or TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This type of stimulation is completely non-harmful and therefore safe for your pet.

To be the most effective, the perimeter wire needs to fully enclose the space where the pet is to be secured and the dog or cat should be properly trained and introduced to the invisible dog fencing system. Hidden Fence has produced some helpful information here on how to properly install your hidden fence system.

If your dog is rarely outside unsupervised but you would like to keep them out of a section of your home or stop them from bolting out the door as soon as you open it, then an indoor electronic dog fence with a dog boundary collar is an option.

Indoor invisible dog fencing works on the same principles as the outdoor system although on a smaller scale and with a boundary wire being optional. Indoor systems can be placed anywhere in the home to prevent your pet from entering that area while they are wearing the dog boundary collars. The systems have a configurable range so that they can prevent access through a single doorway, a surface like a kitchen bench or an entire room. Hidden Fence are stockists of indoor invisible dog fences like the MB1 and MB2 which you can read more about here.

The cat and dog boundary collars are completely configurable in their stimulus so no matter the size of your furry friend, the level of stimulus will be right for them. Due to the difference in nature of cats and dogs, if you are planning on using an invisible fence system on your cat then additional steps should be taken in training and conditioning them.

While not the first example people think of, another type of dog boundary collar are products such as remote trainers and walking trainers. Remote trainers involve an electronic collar the same as the invisible dog fence systems, but this collar is remotely activated by the pet owner or trainer using a controller. Instead of keeping your dog safe and secure within an area, these collars can be used to get your pet’s attention to either recall them or stop undesirable behaviour. Hidden Fence stocks the BigLeash from dog watch which is an industry-leading remote trainer.

Walking trainers like the SideWalker dog walking collar are used to make walking your dog a better experience. These collars use gentle stimulation to correct over-excited leash pulling and keep your dog waking more calmly by your side. The SideWalker stocked by Hidden Fence can be used on any size or breed of dog to correct poor on-leash behaviour.

Hopefully, by now you have an understanding of what a dog boundary collar is and how it is used as a part of a system like invisible dog fencing. These types of collars are highly effective at keeping your pet safe and secure or correcting unwanted behaviours when walking or off-leash. Hidden Fence stocks a range of electronic dog fence systems so contact us today to start discussing your options.