Dog Bark Collar Training: Hints and Tips to Train a Dog to Stop Barking.

Bark Collar Training from Hidden Fence
Bark Collar Training from Hidden Fence

In an ideal world, our beloved canine companions would understand “quiet” commands as easily as they understand “sit” or “stay.” However, curbing excessive barking can often be a more complicated task requiring time, patience, and, sometimes, additional tools. At Hidden Fence, we believe in trying conventional training methods first. But when those efforts don’t yield the desired results, the BT7 Electronic No Bark Trainer could be just the tool you need to restore peace and quiet to your home.

Start with Conventional Methods

Before jumping straight into using an electronic anti-bark collar, we recommend you try traditional methods for controlling your dog’s barking. This could involve:

Understanding the Cause: Is your dog barking due to fear, attention-seeking, or perhaps due to a cat in the yard? Understanding the reason can often help in finding the right solution.

Verbal Commands: Use a firm but calm voice to tell your dog to stop barking. Reward your dog when they comply.

Divert Attention: Use toys or initiate a different activity to distract your dog from whatever is making them bark.

Positive Reinforcement: 
Always reward quiet behaviour through treats or affection.

When Conventional Methods Fail, Consider Bark Collar Training

If you’ve tried these methods and your dog continues to bark excessively, it may be time to consider more specialised training aids like the BT7 No Bark Trainer. Available through Hidden Fence, the BT7 is an advanced, highly customisable collar that comes with a range of settings to suit your dog’s specific needs. It can be set to emit a warning sound, vibrate or offer e-stimulation, depending on what works best to deter your dog’s nuisance barking.

Understanding the BT7 No Bark Trainer

Bark Collar Training Aid

Adjustable Settings: The collar offers 7 settings ranging from low to high, including a vibration option and progressive levels.

Bark Forgiveness: A delay feature helps to differentiate between ‘acceptable’ and ‘nuisance’ barking.

Bark Counter: This handy feature lets you know how often the collar is activated, giving you insights into your dog’s barking patterns.

Additional Support and Bark Collar Training

While the BT7 No Bark Trainer is user-friendly, we strongly recommend that you reach out to us for support and additional training. Reading the instruction manual is crucial, but we also offer customer support and resources to help you and your dog get the most out of the collar.

Persistent, excessive barking can be stressful for both you and your dog. While traditional training methods should always be your first line of defence, a more specialised approach is sometimes needed. The BT7 No Bark Trainer is an excellent tool for such situations, offering the versatility and customisation needed to suit your dog’s specific barking habits.

If you opt for the BT7 collar, please follow the instruction manual closely for optimal results. And remember, we at Hidden Fence are always here to offer further hints, tips, and support to ensure you and your dog find the peace you both deserve. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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