Cat Fence – Your cat is no longer in charge!

Any cat owner knows that cats love to be in charge but you can take some control back with our Hidden Cat Fence. Your home is their castle and in true regal style your cat thinks they are the King or Queen of the castle with the right to explore, command and occupy every nook and cranny, even the kitchen bench!

While you love your cat, you do not always love when they get into mischief, so it is helpful to be able to ring fence certain areas of your home and provide a greater level of protection from your cat, especially when you are absent.

Electric cat fences can be set up in both the interior and exterior of your home, allowing your cat quite a degree of freedom to roam, while simultaneously providing an electronic perimeter around no go zones.

A perfect example of how effective electric cat fences can be, could be found in your living room, especially around your couch. We all know cats love to scratch, and despite our best efforts of providing scratching poles and other toys, cats still seem to gravitate towards lounge suites and get a great deal of satisfaction from sinking their claws into the fabric or leather – clearly not desirable and quite destructive! Indoor wireless cat fences provide a perfect solution for problems such as these. A transmitter, which looks like a small disc, is placed in the middle of the area you wish to protect (such as under a chair or couch shown below). The transmitter has a range of up to 3m. A signal is sent to a receiver collar worn by the cat when the cat gets too close to the electronic perimeter of the cat fence. The collar then emits a stimulus to discourage your cat from breaching the perimeter of the electric cat fence. Some cat owners only use this system when they are not at home.

Keep your cat out

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Likewise in an outdoor situation, electric cat fences can be set up around the perimeter of your yard to stop your cat from leaving your home and roaming freely around the neighbourhood. Conveniently, the same receiver cat collar can be worn by your cat both indoors and outdoors.

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Both indoor and outdoor electric cat fence systems do require you to spend some time with your cat, getting them used to the cat training collar and allowing them to understand what the different stimulus’ from the cat collar mean. It is definitely worth putting in the time to set the electric cat fence system up and training/conditioning your cat to understand what the perimeters and zones mean. In a very short space of time you will have set up some clear electronic boundaries and educated your cat about the parameters. Cats are clever, so they will figure it all out very quickly, resulting in a happier home for all.

So if your cat is clearly in charge at your home and is getting into a bit of mischief, an electric cat fence could be the  perfect solution.

Keep cat in the yard

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