Low Voltage Electric Fence For Cats

electric cat fence

Most cat owners search for low-voltage electric fencing for their cats with their feline companion’s safety in mind.  A high-voltage electric fence could be harmful to our fragile four-legged friends, while a low-voltage system is thought to safely deliver enough stimulation to confine a cat to its safe home environment.  Hidden Fence has developed an electronic cat fence that doesn’t use voltage to deliver stimulation as a traditional cat fence would, taking the concern for a low voltage system out of pet owners’ minds.

How does Hidden Fences Electric Cat Fence Work if it Doesn’t Use Traditional Voltage?

Traditional, outdated electric cat fences used a system reliant on voltage to contain cats to their rightful spaces. When a cat came in contact with this type of fence, voltage was sent throughout their bodies as a warning signal to move away from the fence.  

Hidden Fences DIY Cat Watch Cat Fence works using a better system.  A special wire cable is placed around the circumference of your property on an existing fence or at ground level. If desired, this wire can be buried or installed out of sight, resulting in an invisible cat fence. Instead of relying on outdated voltage systems, a patented FM digital transmitter delivers coded signals to this cable.  Your cat wears a safe, comfortable, weatherproof cat collar that receives the signal.  If he or she gets too close to the installed wire cable placed around your property, instead of a voltage shock, an audible warning tone from the electronic cat collar alerts them they are too close to the barrier.  If the warning doesn’t stop the cat from progressing towards the barrier, the cat collar then sends a non-harmful electrical stimulation that deters them from further steps, making this DIY cat fence system for cats very effective.

What are the Benefits of Hidden Fence’s Electric Cat Fence?

Some of the key features of this innovative technology are the included M12R electric cat collar fence and the features of the wire system itself.

The M12R collar is used in pair with the fence and is the smallest electric cat fence collar in the entire market.  Lightweight to ensure comfort, weatherproof to promote longevity and tested on cats everywhere to deliver safety, this part of the system can’t be found elsewhere.  The collar also comes with programmable stimulation options, best suited for the needs of each individual cat and a battery life that lasts up to 6 months.

The wire fence itself holds a capacity able to contain up to 2 entire acres of property, making it perfect for large homes and even businesses.  It also delivers visual security alerts if the system is compromised, making for a long-lasting, efficient invisible cat fence.  A 3 year equipment warranty comes complete with all purchases from the supplier that can proudly say its warranty usage is less than 1%.

Wireless Cat Fence

A wireless version of the electric cat collar fence is also available. This wireless cat fence system uses small disc-shaped transmitters rather than a wire to designate very specific areas.

Further details about this system can be found here.

Where can I Find Hidden Fence’s Electric Cat Fence?

This state-of-the-art technology to confine and protect your feline friend is available for purchase through Hidden Fence’s Website.  You can learn more about the DIY cat fence system and enquire about purchase and installation by visiting our product page here.

Keep your cat off the road and out of harm’s way with this one-of-a-kind electric cat fence system, specifically designed with the individual needs of cats in mind.  No longer reliant on potentially harmful voltage and outdated technology, you can rest easy knowing your cat is being protected by the safest and most efficient invisible fence for cats on the market.  Take the concern out of purchasing ‘low voltage’ cat fencing systems and experience the hassle-free protection of Hidden Fences electric cat fence, today.

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