Should Dogs Wear Collars All the Time?

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In Australia, dogs are a big part of our life – part of the family. Dog collars in Australia are used to bring more enjoyment to the whole family’s lifestyle. However, the question arises of just how often dogs should wear their collars.  How does this apply to training collars meant to correct behaviour as well as typical collars with identifying information on them?

Typical Dog Collars in Australia

A typical dog collar is one that exists as a base for leash attachment and a home for identifying dog tags.  Some of our excited friends can’t go on daily walks without them, whereas others who like to wander off require them for safety.  Apart from instances of bathing and being under the protection of an owner’s home, normal dog collars are safe and comfortable for dogs to wear all the time.

Electronic Dog Barking Collars

Generally, training dog collars in Australia are not worn all the time. They should only be worn when training is in use.  Dog training collars require a snug fit to function properly, and over-usage could result in irritation for some pets.  The length of time dog training collars should be worn depends on the type of training taking place.  Hidden Fence offers 3 amazing collars proven to alter pet behaviour.

1. No Bark Trainers

The bark collar available through Hidden Fence is used to control problem barking.  This form of behavioural intervention requires devices commonly known by the names anti-barking collars, barking collars, bark collars or dog shock collars, all of which are often searched but are inaccurate terms.  Shock collars are illegal and cannot legally be used as dog collars in Australia.

The bark collar uses innovative, expert produced technology to correct problematic barking behaviour.  Unlike older out of date anti-barking collars, the Bark Collar BT7 Dogwatch Brand incorporates 15 levels of stimulation to help correct nuisance barking.  The 15 different levels of stimulation are ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, versus a generic approach.  Furthermore, this amazing bark collar provides feedback on your dog’s barking with a feature called the Bark Counter TM.  Historically, to assess the barking collar’s effectiveness, the owner would need to be nearby to observe behaviour. With the Bark Counter feature, owners can control and record pet behaviour even when they are out of range or out of sight; and all from an updated easy to view LED display.  The Bark Collar BT7 is often the solution to problematic barking when other methods have failed.

In the case of barking collars – after the initial training period, it may only be necessary for your dog to wear them during high-risk or problematic times of the day (for example, when you are not at home). The goal of this anti-barking collar is to correct behaviour through initial training and only use it as a refresher as needed. Hidden Fence’s bark collar method is effective in that nuisance barking rarely returns.

2. Remote Trainer

The remote trainer is a 2-part system used to train your dog beyond barking behaviour but for any behaviour you would like to improve, such as not walking alongside owners or being unresponsive.  Similar to the no-bark trainer that treats barking behaviour, a collar is placed around the dog’s neck. The difference is that the collar can pair with a virtual pet fence to keep pets within limits, is applicable to all behaviour, and is the only remote trainer available with 2-way communication between the handheld receiver and actual dog collar.  Various names for the remote trainer are the dog training collar, electronic dog collar and remote-control collar.

The BigLeash Remote trainer by Hidden Fence is a solution to all behaviour problems, as it is adaptable to fit the needs of any unruly dog.  Features that make this electric dog collar fantastic are its one-of-a-kind 2-way reception between the pet’s collar and the owner’s handheld receiver.  This delivers real-time information on the whereabouts of a dog’s location in relation to the virtual fence installed or in an off-leash area.  The BigLeash remote trainer also provides 15 levels of stimulation in optional brief and continuous training modes.  All of this can be seen from the updated LCD display on the receiver.  This specific remote is readily able to control 2 collars simultaneously for those with multiple pets.

Like other training collars, the BigLeash is worn when dogs are being trained.  Beyond training sessions, there is no need to keep the collar on.  Dogs should associate the training collar with training times only and not be confused by wearing it all the time for everyday events.

3. Walking Trainer

The walking trainer dog trainer collar is also known as a side walker, dog trainer collar, or electronic collar and is one of the most innovative ‘electric’ dog collars in Australia.  This training mechanism corrects walking behaviour using never seen sensors to read the movement of a dog’s body.  When it’s detected that the dog is walking out of compliance, the behaviour is corrected by sending an electrical impulse to be felt through the dog’s collar.

The walking trainer isn’t just the best solution for correcting dog walking behaviour; it may be the only one.  This state-of-the-art device incorporates microprocessors and high-grade sensors to determine pet body movement.  In comparison to halt or choke collars used to remedy problematic walking, the walking trainer is not only more efficient at changing behaviour but safer and easier to use.  Take all the tugging and dragging your furry friend back to your side out of daily walks with this brand-new dog walking correction system.

Of course, as this product relates to fixing a dog’s gait, there is no need for it to be worn continuously.  Only when dogs are going on walks or actively being trained do they need to wear this specific collar.

We absolutely love our furry friends and only want the best for these extensions of our family.  Dog collars in Australia can bring safety, a sense of comfort, and even behaviour-changing attributes to your dog.  The side walker makes family walks more enjoyable and organised.  The remote control BigLeash provides your dog with more freedom and opportunities to explore on family outings; the anti-barking collar helps restore peace and calm to the family and keeps the neighbours happy.

Regardless of the specific behaviour your dog needs help controlling, Hidden Fence has a solution.  We offer various collar systems through our website, available for purchase and ready to be shipped worldwide.  Enquire with us today to find the best dog collar for your pet today.