Dogs Barking? Here is the Best Collar to Stop It

Anti-barking training collar from Hidden Fence

Sadly, there are quite a few anti-barking collars that have made their way onto the market.  Not all these collars are made equal, especially the antiquated dog shock collar, and as a result, not all these collars are able to control pessimistic barking behaviour the same way.  With so many anti-barking collars to choose from, dog owners may wonder; what is the best collar to stop dogs barking?

While most anti bark collars rely on harmful forms of shock therapy as an attempt to control unwanted behavior, we’ve found that the best type of collar to stop dogs barking is one that can be tailored/adjusted to suit the specific needs of your dog. 

Hidden Fence, experts in dog collars in Australia, has created a very popular and innovative way to stop dogs from barking, which is quite an improvement on the old dog shock collars. Known as the Bark Collar, it is the first of its kind and was developed by a team of leaders in the industry. The Bark Collar was designed to be worn by breeds of all shapes and sizes, while still offering adaptable stimulation based on dogs’ specific barking habits.  Because not all dogs have the same barking habits or need for discipline, the introduction of the Bark Collar has been a game changer where other dog shock collars have failed.

Traditionally, anti-bark collars have only used general, untailored forms of shock therapy to correct loud behaviour.  These collars are outdated and have been proven to be not as beneficial as more innovative versions of the same idea, as they sometimes pick up on unnecessary noises not related to dog barking and send confusing shocks in response.  The new Bark Collar uses state of the art sensors to only pick up on sounds emitted directly from your pet and emits a harmless electrical stimulation to the dog’s collar to correct the behaviour.

Designed with your four-legged friend in mind, the Bark Collar has 7 adjustable settings so the owner can set the appropriate vibration setting for their specific dog and their behavior.  Even more unique to this innovative technology are the Bark Forgiveness and Bark Counter features that allow for an even more tailored experience.  The Bark forgiveness feature is a way to protect the dog from disciplinary action at the first sound of barking, delaying the onset of activation to differentiate from barking that is acceptable to barking that is problematic.  The Bark Counter feature records how often the collar has been activated, allowing the owner to track and monitor behavior even when out of ears reach.  In this way the Bark Collar is an excellent training tool that delivers never seen analytics, as well as one-of-a-kind training experience.

This anti barking collar also features a lightweight, waterproof design that comes equipped with a rechargeable battery.  The LED status makes observation of battery level and other performance indicators easy to read on top of a three-year warranty that promotes durability in dogs who like to get dirty and rambunctious. 

The Anti- Bark Collar is recognised as the best collar to stop dog barking due its customised approach to correcting individual barking behavior, instead of applying a generalised approach to every dog.  Because this anti barking collar also incorporates innovative, never seen technology to function, a comfortable user experience for not only your pet but you as the owner is another defining factor in making this collar the best choice to stop problem barking.  Where other collars have failed, the anti-bark collar has been able to step up and surpass consumer expectations.

To witness the silencing power of anti-barking collars, enquiries can be made here.  If you’re interested in a new approach to frustrating behavior and are ready to purchase, visit our product page to get any questions you might have as an owner, answered here!  Hidden Fence are experts in dog collars in Australia and will be able to help you fing the best collar to stop your dogs barking, along with training advice and a professional training service.

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