What are the characteristics of electronic dog bark collars in Australia?

Electronic dog collars in Australia are the modern-day version of the outdated shock collar. These collars are designed to keep your dog safe, calm and when needed, quiet. If your dog loves to bark at everything that moves and is annoying either yourself or your neighbours, then investing in a dog anti-bark collar is overdue. 

Dog bark collars

Dog bark collars in Australia are designed to correct your dog’s excessive barking behaviours without causing them harm or distress. A well-engineered anti-barking collar is designed to deliver the right amount of stimulus to your dog to distract them from what they were barking at.  Traditional shock collars are illegal in most of Australia. Therefore, the preferred method for correcting your dog’s barking is with an electronic dog collar. The goal of an electronic collar is not to stop the dog from barking but to reduce excessive barking. 

When shopping for an electronic anti-bark collar in Australia, these are the characteristics that you need to look for: 

Adjustable and Progressive Stimulation 

Every dog is different, even within the same breed. When selecting an anti-bark collar for your dog, you want a dog collar that is adjustable so it can deliver the right amount of stimulus to correct the behaviour. 

Additionally, a well-designed dog collar in Australia will progressively increase the stimulation with the chosen setting as the dog continues to bark for longer periods. At a point, the stimuli will be enough to break the cycle of the dogs barking. Each time the dog stops barking the progressive setting resets. 

Delayed Start 

The point of anti-barking collars is not to stop the dog from barking and therefore their communication but to curb excessive barking that stresses the dog and frustrates yourself,  visitors and your neighbours. 

Therefore, a delayed start is an important characteristic of an electronic collar. Rather than delivering the vibration or stimulus as soon as the dog barks, there is a delay so that the focus is on training out the excessive barking. By contrast, antiquated shock collars would deliver their shock immediately. 

Bark Counter 

If you are getting a dog anti bark collar to correct excessive barking behaviours when you are not home, then a bark counter is a feature you need. A bark counter on dog collars in Australia ends the curiosity about your dog’s behaviours and the frequency that they bark when you are not at home. 

After your dog has been using the anti bark collar for a while you should see a reduction in the bark counter and an improvement in your dog’s behaviour.

Remote Trainer 

Modern electronic bark collars are the perfect training assistant. A remote control allows for activation of the vibration or stimulus on command. This functionality on the dog bark collar means you can include it in the training regimes to discourage poor behaviour. 

The team at Hidden Fence are experts in training dogs and have several useful guides and suggestions on their website to assist in your training journey. 


Your dog is unlikely to always stay clean and dry and carefully walk around your house and yard. Your electronic anti-bark collar needs to be durable if it is going to last. The best dog collars are lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and have a long-lasting battery. 

Why you need an Electronic Dog Collar 

Electronic dog collars are perfect for training your dog to stop excessive and at times unsafe barking. Repeating stimuli when your dog does undesirable behaviours is the most effective way to train them away. 

Unlike some old-fashioned shock collars, modern electronic dog collars are thoroughly safety tested so they can correct your dog’s behaviours without harming them. 

Hidden Fence is a leading provider of electronic collars and electronic fences for dogs and cats in  Australia. Our team of dedicated pet lovers have decades of experience in providing outstanding and well-designed pet safety products. Explore our website or contact us today to find a solution that is right for you.

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