Are invisible cat fences good for the welfare of your cat?

If you are a cat owner then you need to know that in Australia, by law, you must keep cats enclosed or prevent them from wandering. Whoever wrote this law had never actually owned a cat. Cats, as all owners know are very adventurous, prone to explore and almost impossible to contain. Nevertheless, cats need to be contained, for their safety and the safety of local wildlife which is where a pet fence becomes important.

Except for some circumstances, keeping a cat locked up indoors is not a solution and is unlikely to keep them entertained. Outdoor cat runs and pet fences can be complicated systems that don’t last or stand up against Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

If you allow your cat to roam, then you are putting their safety at risk and there is a chance that they may not come home. Fortunately, invisible cat fences are now available and provide a great alternative to the old cat electric fence.

What are Invisible Cat Fences?

Outdated electric cat fences would work on a similar principle to other electric fences in that they would send a current periodically down a wire which would shock animals that touched it.

Invisible cat fences

Invisible cat fences are a modern-day solution to this problem. Invisible fences are available in both indoor and outdoor options and include a transmitter device or wire and a collar for your cat and provide a purrfect pet fence containment system.

When your cat approaches the invisible cat fence the collar makes an audible sound to warn them. If the cat continues the collar produces a small electronic signal that encourages the cat to go no further.

The invisible cat fence barrier is created by a wire surrounding the property or area you want to contain. The high-quality pet fence systems from Hidden Fence can cover an area as small as a  single doorway or as big as 2 acres.

Why do you need an invisible cat fence?

Invisible cat fence barriers are good for your cat, good for you and good for your neighbours.  Cats are known to be adventurous and explorative animals. When allowed to roam some cats are documented to travel kilometres from their home in a single day. In a busy suburb or metropolitan area, this creates a significant risk to their safety.

Crossing a street and being hit by a car, straying into a yard with an unfriendly or protective dog or encountering a stray or other roaming cats are a few of the ways your cat could be harmed while roaming. An invisible cat fence in Australia keeps your cat safe in your yard and protected from all these dangers.

In Australia, if you allow your cat to wander then you risk your cat being trapped, impounded and costing a substantial fine to release.

If your cat is not de-sexed, then allowing your cat to roam may result in a litter of kittens that you were not prepared for.

Without an invisible cat fence in Australia, if you want to abide by the law then the only option is to keep the cat locked inside. This may be ok for some cats, but many will demonstrate anti-social behaviours and obesity due to a lack of exercise.

Types of invisible cat fences.

Invisible cat fences are available for both indoor and outdoor cat use. The indoor variety is a  transmitter that can be placed in doorways or hallways to limit a cat’s movement. When the cat approaches the transmitter it sends a signal to the collar which provides vibration, sound or electronic stimulus to the cat.

Outdoor invisible cat fence barriers allow the cat to roam in the yard while remaining safely contained and unable to venture throughout the neighbourhood. The outdoor invisible fence system includes a wire that can be placed along the perimeter of the property. When the cat goes within very close proximity of the wire it triggers the collar to give stimulus to the cat,  discouraging them.

Invisible Cat fences are far superior to electric cat fences and therefore ideal for providing the opportunity and freedom for your cat to roam and explore in the safety of your yard. Keeping a cat locked indoors or allowing them to roam the neighbourhood puts them at risk.

The team at  Hidden Fence can provide you with the perfect invisible pet fence for your cat and home, so contact us today.

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