Where is the best place to buy an electric dog fence?

If your dog or cat has escaped your yard one too many times, then you are probably here searching for an electric dog fence that will keep your pet contained. I am sure you have tried numerous physical barriers and pet fences but no matter what you try you find your pet is still able to escape. 

Convinced there must be a better way to fence your pet, you started searching on google for pet containment systems or how to keep your pet in your yard. Eventually, you stumbled across something called an electronic or invisible fence and it now seems like the solution to your problem. 

As an Australian, the likely first place you visit to buy an electric dog fence is Bunnings.  However, as you search up and down the aisles of Bunnings for an invisible dog fence you come up empty-handed. You ask a team member if they can show you where you can find an electric fence for dogs in Bunnings. The team member shows you where the supplies are for making a regular electric fence, but you quickly realise these are not suitable for your dog. 

The traditional electric fences available at Bunnings are very different to the invisible or electronic dog fences that are used to contain pets today. Traditional electric fences work by sending an electric charge down a wire which shocks animals that encounter it. This type of fence is only used for agricultural purposes today. 

Electric dog fence

In comparison, an electronic fence, or as it is also known as an invisible fence, works with much more sophisticated technology. The invisible fence works through a wire that is placed around the perimeter connected to a transmitter and remotely connected to a collar for the dog to wear. When the dog approaches the perimeter, the collar warns the dog to discourage it from progressing further. First with a sound, then a vibration and finally with an electronic stimulus. 

Frustrated by your lack of success finding a suitable pet fence at Bunnings, but not defeated you return home and continue your search online for an electric pet fence.

Why an invisible fence is right for you? 

Outdated electric fences are always carrying a live current and are therefore a risk to you and your family. Not only can the electric charge injure your pets as it is more designed for agriculture, but it could cause injury to a curious toddler/child or people with heart conditions. 

By contrast, invisible fences have zero impact on anyone or anything not wearing the collar.  Your dog is notified of the invisible fence first by an audible tone and secondly by electronic stimulation. The electronic stimulation provided by the collar does not cause injury and is the same type of signal as a TENS device which is commonly used on humans. 

Invisible fences are great at providing you with peace of mind and keeping your pet safe.  They all but eliminate the possibility that your pet will escape from your yard, roam the neighbourhood, and put themselves in unsafe situations. Hidden fence systems can be used on properties of all sizes and are available as DIY or professionally installed systems. 

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