What Is The best Anti Bark Collar In Australia?

There can only be one best anti bark collar in Australia.  For comparison, we challenged Hidden Fence’s Bark Collar BT7 DogWatch Brand to other various models in the industry.  Read on to see our winner for the best anti bark collar available.

What makes an Excellent Anti Bark Collar?

Dog owners around the world value anti-barking collars because of their high rate of success and ease of use.  Where other training methods have failed, the anti-bark collar has corrected problem behaviour.  While all dog trainer collars use the same fundamental principle to end nuisance barking, they differ in their features, mechanisms and efficiency.

The absolute best anti bark collar is one that provides 4 main things:

  1. Safety

Safety is first on the list of excellent anti bark collar features because it is most important.  Dog trainer collars have evolved from inefficient devices that delivered harmful shocks in the form of “dog shock collars” (not to be confused with safe anti-barking collars), to safe, pet-friendly bark collars.  No matter how well an anti-dog bark collar trains your pet, safety cannot be compromised when deciding on the best anti bark collar.

  1. Owner’s Ease of Use

It goes without saying that ease of use is a high priority for owners.  Gone are the days that to use your dog training collar, you would need a professional to show you how.  Barking collars must be easy to use by owners of all ages and backgrounds to encourage the most seamless user experience for both.

  1. Durability/ Low Maintenance

Barking collars are considered the best when they don’t require a lot of upkeep to perform.  Common instances of maintaining an anti-barking collar could include the changing of batteries and ease of access for cleaning.  Furthermore, features of an anti-barking collar that are pertinent are its ability to withstand usage and weather.  The best assistive device for your pet is one that is strong, durable and able to operate with minimal human interference.

  1. Adaptability

Last on our list of necessary features to be deemed the best anti barking collar, is adaptability.  In the past, antique dog shock collars used only one high and pain-inflicting level of electrical stimulation.  This is problematic because you would never want to administer the same level of electric stimulation to different breeds and sizes of dogs, for example a Yorkie and a Great Dane.  The anti-bark collar’s ability to adapt to each individual need of dogs is the final deciding factor in choosing the best collar.

What Types of Anti Bark Collars are Available?

As mentioned, fundamentally each dog bark collar operates in an effort to stop nuisance barking. However, where these collars differ is in features, efficiency and other factors used in deciding the best anti bark collar – even between similar models.

There are 2 main types of dog collars available, both working to stop problematic barking.  The first type of dog collar may not be widely known; it is the citronella spray collar.  Upon barking at inappropriate times, a mist of citronella spray is delivered, sometimes along with a static form of electric stimulation.  In comparison, the typical electronic dog collar has no citronella spray and instead delivers only safe electric stimulation.

Comparing Options

We take into consideration the most important factors of an anti-barking collar when comparing options available.

Citronella spray collars rank high in safety, due to the innovative technology that has evolved in the use of anti-barking collars.  The electrical stimulation delivered is at safe levels, and the citronella spray is a perfectly natural odour used to condition learned behaviour. An owner’s ease of use with this type of dog training collar ranks neither high nor low, as setting up the citronella spray and introducing it to your pet may not be as easy as other forms of training where chemicals are not involved.  Citronella spray collars rank very low on our scale of durability/low maintenance. Again, the addition of the citronella itself requires frequent refilling, and beyond this, the battery life of this model is very weak, requiring tedious constant changing. Finally, on the feature of adaptability, we also rank this anti bark collar relatively low.   How well this model works is solely dependent on the dog’s breed, in that it works great for some and not at all for others.  Because this model works for some dogs, and not all, we think it fails the test.

HiddenFence manufactures an electronic anti-dog barking collar,  the BT7 DogWatch brand,  which ranks very high in safety due to its team of professionals only offering pet friendly behaviour correction at safe electric levels of stimulation.  The owner’s ease of use with the BT7 dog watch brand is incredibly easy and ranks high, as the directions are straightforward and don’t require any setups or combining of components. When considering durability and level of maintenance, this specific anti-barking collar ranks well.  It is composed of durable, weatherproof material able to withstand any conditions your dog finds themselves in.  The BT7 dogwatch brand also encourages low maintenance with its rechargeable and long-lasting battery.  Finally, when it comes to adaptability, this model blows our rankings through the roof.  That is because Hidden Fence’s anti barking collar is programmable to deliver e-stimulations that are safe on every breed.  It uses 15 levels of e-stimulation within 5 settings to deliver targeted breed-appropriate barking correction.

And The Winner Is…

After carefully considering our options for the best anti-bark collar in Australia, Hidden Fence’s BT7 Dog Watch brand is our winner.  This electronic dog collar has the 4 most important features needed to beat out its competition: the citronella spray collar.  Ranking highest in every category: safety, owners ease of use, durability, and adaptability, the BT7 electronic dog collar is without a doubt the best anti bark collar in Australia.  To experience the efficiency of this fan favourite, order your top-of-the-line dog training collar here