Nuisance Barking, How Do You Stop It?

Not all dogs are created equal.

If you’re a dog owner, you know that the same methods used to control nuisance barking in your Australian Shepherd… may not work on your Cavoodle.  Despite training, unwarranted barking can be extremely problematic and may require intervention to reach satisfying results. The traditional training methods using reward-based and aversive-based systems have proved helpful but not as efficient as more current dog anti-bark collars.  When other training methods have failed, a dog training collar may just be the answer to all your problems.

What is nuisance barking?

While all our furry friends bark, sometimes it is unwarranted, and this is when it becomes problematic.  Nuisance barking refers to barking that ultimately affects a person’s quality of life or exists as a disturbance.

What are the rules around nuisance barking?

Stop nuisance barking with a dog anti bark collar

The rules around nuisance barking vary by local government or council areas.  For example, in Brisbane, Queensland, there are several guidelines surrounding the issue.  A nuisance barking issue is when multiple persons make complaints relating to the same dwelling or area.  The frequency and intensity of the noise also factor into filing nuisance barking complaints, as well as the time and duration of the barking.  As mentioned, these rules and guidelines vary by locality.  It’s important to know the laws on nuisance barking as it applies to your location.  Furthermore, in instances where barking is especially problematic, surrounding neighbours may bring it to your attention.  Always be mindful and act before an official complaint is filed.

How can I stop nuisance barking when I am with my dog?

Often before nuisance barking is officially complained about, traditional methods are used to correct the behaviour.  When your dog is in your presence, positive reinforcement for good quiet behaviour is provided, whereas negative reinforcement is provided for the opposite.  Dogs bark for good reasons most of the time: in other times, when they are distressed in instances of attachment issues, fear, or lack of released energy, this barking can become problematic.  In these instances, introducing increasing periods of absence or toys to keep them occupied are just a couple of methods to stop nuisance barking when physically with your dog.

Another method of training is the remote trainer, not specifically limited to bark control. This dog collar is placed around a dog’s neck and paired with a remote to provide negative stimulation for unwanted barking behaviour.  When nuisance barking occurs, the remote trainer can be manually activated to draw your dog’s attention back to you and provide a distraction that interrupts loud barking.

Innovated to deliver the best behaviour-changing technology, the remote trainer uses 15 different levels of stimulation tailored to the specific breed and need of each individual dog.  Also, unlike traditional methods of training, the remote trainer incorporates 2-way feedback so you can keep track of your dog’s behaviour and how they responded to the collar.

How can I stop nuisance barking when I am not at home with my dog?

Because we cannot be with our furry friends every second of the day, it’s important that nuisance barking is controlled even when dogs are out of sight.  Training can’t stop just because of a busy schedule!  Nuisance barking is put under control with the barking trainer, as it’s trained to respond to and record barking behaviour.  Because the dog anti bark collar is typically worn all the time during training when you are not at home, problematic barking can be trained out and corrected no matter where your dog is.  The bark counter feature, specific to Hidden Fence’s bark collar, actually tells how often your dog barks when you’re not at home and displays this information on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

What is the best electric dog collar in Australia to control barking?

Hidden Fence’s bark collar is the best electronic dog collar in Australia to control barking.  Unlike other barking collars, the Bark Collar BT7 brand was created by expert dog trainers and lovers, with not only corrective behaviour in mind but safety and feedback available too. The updated technology allows for this specific dog training collar to deliver various levels of stimulation to target nuisance barking, whereas similar collars pick up on surrounding noises not applicable to the dog and deliver harmful shocks. The Bark Collar BT7 also trumps the competition by providing versatility. Normal collars may work for one breed of dog but not so well for others. Because Hidden Fence’s dog anti-barking collar has over 15 levels of stimulation and the ability to deliver negative reinforcement as either a vibration or stimulation, it is the best option for dogs of all breeds and sizes.  Lastly, this one-of-a-kind dog anti barking collar is the only one to provide real-time feedback and information on dogs’ bark behaviour via the trademarked Bark Counter, even when you are not around.  When looking for a solution to nuisance barking, Hidden Fence has considered all aspects of training in providing you with this state-of-the-art dog anti bark collar.

Will a dog shock collar stop nuisance barking?

In comparison to the dog anti-barking collar provided by Hidden Fence, some might be curious about the use of dog shock collars to control problematic barking. Electric dog collars, or dog shock collars as they are called, are illegal and should never be used.  Beyond being illegal, they can be harmful to pets and don’t efficiently correct problem behaviour as they use a general approach to breed specific problems. Only use approved dog training collars to stop nuisance barking.

Does my dog need extra training to use a barking collar?

To some, it may seem like a daunting task to train dogs to use a barking collar. However, the included owner’s manual makes getting your dog comfortable with their new collar realistic.  Step-by-step, user-friendly instructions guide you both through a seamless experience.

How do I buy an electric dog collar in Australia?

Electronic dog collars in Australia can be purchased online here.  Hidden Fence is proud to provide anti-barking solutions where other attempts have failed, offering shipping anywhere in the world. Shop our promising selection of electronic collars for dogs and submit an enquiry with any comments or questions you might have.  We know just how problematic barking can be; where other dog bark collars have failed, allow Hidden Fence to change negative behaviour promptly!